Monday, August 7, 2017

Digest Cast: Supergirl

You all have read my thoughts about Supergirl over the years here.

Have you ever wanted to HEAR my thoughts on Supergirl?

Over on the Fire and Water Network of podcasts, I was invited onto the DigestCast to discuss The Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digests #17 - The Many Lives Of Supergirl.

Here is the link for DigestCast so go and listen!

We review this great digest from 1981 showing the different periods of Supergirl's life.
There is orphan and secret weapon Supergirl in The Great Supergirl Mirage from Action Comics #256 (by Otto Binder and Jim Mooney).
There is revealed super-hero in The World's Greatest Heroine from Action Comics #285 (by Jerry Siegel and Jim Mooney).
There is college student Linda in Supergirl Goes to College from Action Comics #318 (by Leo Dorfman and Jim Mooney).
There is reporter Linda in Crypt of Frozen Graves from Adventure Comics #424 (by Steve Skeates, Tony DeZuniga, and Bob Oknser).
There is drama student Linda in Trail of the Madman from Supergirl #1 volume 1 (by Cary Bates and Art Saaf).
And finally there is Guidance Counselor Linda in Princess of the Golden Sun  from Superman Family #165 (by Elliot S Maggin and Art Saaf).

Whew ... a lot of great stories, many covered on this blog.

Not only do I help with the reviews, I talk about Supergirl's history and my love of the character.

But there is more.

I talk about how iconic the image from the cover of Action Comics #285 is, bringing up some examples.

 I talk about the quirk she has of putting her finger to her face when deep in thought, brought forward in all incarnations.

And I defend Final Crisis. I love the artsy Supergirl in this book. But I love that Superman defeats Darkseid by singing.

Anyways, please head over to the site and listen!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Anj!

That Digest is so great! And something I like about those Pre-Crisis stories is Linda constantly moved and changed jobs... but the character itself remained constant. Casual readers had no reason to wonder what Supergirl they were reading about or what her background was.

Anonymous said...

Steve Skeates could have been Bronze Age Supergirl's own "Sterling Gates" he liked the character and liked writing her...sadly they flung Kara into her own Solo Book with an all-new all mediocre creative team....paths not taken, sigh.
Oh and a shout out to the Oksner-DeZuniga team that was good artwork all around, Supergirl was "lean long and leggy" to quote my old Irish Mother....


Martin Gray said...

Brilliant job, Anj, I loved that show from beginning to end. And I agree about what a pretty gal Kara was back then, Linda even more so. I think I shall tweet a page at @MartGray from a story I remember well... who else remembers this one?