Thursday, August 10, 2017

Boston Comic Con 2017

We finally are entering my convention season!

Boston Comic Con is this weekend (!!) and I will be going at least 2 of the three days. I have been going to the con since its inception when it was a tiny show in the basement of an insurance building. It has grown immensely over that time.

While that growth has meant that I have met a ton of creators, it also has meant a sort of creep in scope to now include non-comic, pop culture celebrities. And then, last year, the local coordinators who ran the show sold it to Fan Expo. I honestly worry that the feel for the show will change.

All that said, the guest list this year of comic providers is just as fantastic as in the past. I have a list of creators that I am hoping to run into and chat. Unfortunately, unlike prior years, I haven't been able to set up any commissions beforehand. And I have also noticed that over the last couple of years the price of commissions has skyrocketed meaning I probably won't be able to get as many as I used to.

So here is a list of the folks I am eyeing for a commission as well as some folks I am pumped to meet. I'll have a small stack of books for all the creators listed below to sign (hopefully).

Wish me luck!

 Tom Grummett - Grummett is probably the commission I am most hopeful that I get. I loved his style on the Super books in the 90s. He always drew the Matrix Supergirl very well. And I am a little fond of this time in the super-books as it was when this Supergirl finally grew into being an independent hero. I guess Grummett's table is the one I will be running to first.

John Timms - I have been a huge fan of the Amanda Conner/Jimmy Palmiotti Harley Quinn book since it's inception and I really like the work Timms has done on the book. Timms' style seems perfectly suited for the character. There is a sort of vibrant energy to the way the art carries the story. I just think his stuff is fantastic so Timms is another table I'll be running to.

Dan Fraga - Ten years ago, I met Dan Fraga at a smallish comic con in New Hampshire. I was hopeful to get a commission from him back then. Fraga started this Supergirl piece but I needed to leave before he could finish. This piece (a loose Bristol board - this was in the pre-sketch book phase of my commission collecting) has remained a curious part of my collection. The layout of Supergirl fighting rocket-packed aliens is killer. And what is finished of Supergirl is just gorgeous. Fraga is going to be at Boston and I feel like this is a second chance. I don't know if he would want to finish this piece or start something new.

JonBoy Meyers - Meyers drew an issue of the Tony Bedard run of the New 52 Supergirl as well as an issue of Adventures of Supergirl so he has some history with the character. There is a bit of anime-energy to his work so I think a commission of his would stand out in my collection.

Lastly, two of my favorite current creators, Joelle Jones and Tana Ford are both coming back to the con. I got commissions from them at the show last year. But I love these pieces and I'm wondering if I should get a second commission from them.

Obviously, luck is a factor as I'll try to get on these lists. But my cash isn't unlimited so I might have some hard decisions to make.

And then there is the list of folks who I am hoping to get some signatures from. I am very excited to meet Peter Tomasi. I'll definitely have Rebirth Superman and Super-Sons in hand!

But I also hope to get some books signed by Matthew Clark, Adam Hughes, J. Scott Campbell, Mike Zeck,  and Pat Broderick. I wouldn't mind a commission from Clark or Meyers so they may sneak in if I fail on the ones above.

I'll give a post-con report when all is said and done!

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Anonymous said...

Happy hunting!

That Dan Fraga commission intrigues me. Was it supposed to be Linda/Matrix? She definitely wears the costume, and back in 2007 Kara was still being dragged through the mud. However the diminute jetpacked aliens seem to scream "Silver Age campiness" to me.

Peter Tomasi wrote Kara very good during his "Final Days of Superman" story arc (incidentally, after reading it again, I kind of miss that Superman. Poor guy deserves better stories and a better ending than what he got). I hope he'll write more scenes between Kara and the rest of the family.