Thursday, July 28, 2016

Supergirl On TV Guide

One last piece touching on Supergirl at Comic Con. Once again, she was on one of the covers of TV Guide's Comic-Con Special. This is a strong looking Kara striking the iconic heroic 'hands on hip' pose.

When I went to the store to buy this, there was a whole stack of this issue. But there was only one Supergirl cover left! Either she is rare, everyone bought her, or it was random. Glad I was able to scoop it up.

Great cover!

The coverage included an interview with Melissa Benoist, a behind the scenese look at season one, and a Q&A with the producers. I grabbed a couple of pieces which grabbed me. If you like these shows though, you should get the book. There are good articles on Flash, DCLoT, iZombie, etc.

Here is one of the questions posed to Benoist. I really love her answer with two of the producers telling her that she simply is Supergirl.

I think that fans of the show and the character all agree that Benoist nailed her performance. From the optimism to the dorkiness to the fierceness, she grabbed the complexity of Kara one hundred percent. She was Supergirl.

And then I loved that Benoist says she has learned a lot playing the character. She has grown as a person as well.

The cast is pretty perfect!

I was glad to see that Sterling Gates' Adventures of Supergirl got a nod in this national magazine!

Maybe this will lead fans of the show who didn't know this existed to go out and sample. Looking forward to the trade dress of this series.

The producer Q&A was good if vague. I can't expect them to reveal season two secrets before the premiere. But it is interesting to note the presence of a big bad. We haven't heard anything about who that could be. I hope it isn't Lena.

And maybe we should vote here. What Earth does Supergirl live on?
Earth 1 - Flash
Earth 2 - Reverse Flash
Earth 3 - Jay Garrick Flash
Earth ___ - Supergirl

Earth 4? Earth S? Earth 0?

But maybe my favorite part of the issue was this phony advertisement for CatCo press. This looks like a legit ad. In fact, I flipped past it the first time I looked at the book.

Unfortunately the web address only links to the CW Supergirl page. I was hoping we would have a 'hidden' site for some Supergirl hints.

Anyways, San Diego Comic-Con is now in the rear view mirror!


Uncle Screensaver said...

Is there somewhere, other than eBay that you can buy these online? We no longer have TV Guide in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Anj. And glad Supergirl continues to be in the news. Thought I'm
slightly puzzled by the lack of promo clips at SDCC for Supergirl TV S2 as with the
rest of the Berlanti superhero stuff. Far as I knew, filming had resumed, so
would've thought one thing or another would have been put together.

Otherwise I'm with @Uncle Screensaver that those of us north of the 49th have no
way of getting these little gems.


Martin Gray said...

Great interview, but I'm so over the idea of one 'Big Bad' - just give us loads of villains and if one proves exceedingly popular, bring them back for the finale. Having an overarching threat established early on meant that whenever Kara was faffing around with Cat's coffee I wondered why she wasn't looking for evil Kryptonians.

And I say this as a huge fan of secret ID and supporting cast stuff.