Wednesday, July 27, 2016

SDCC 2016: Supergirl Show News

San Diego Comic Con is in the rear view mirror and boy a lot of fun stuff was released, teased, and previewed. I was wowed by the Wonder Woman movie preview. I was pleasantly surprised by the JL movie preview. And I was very pleased with all the Supergirl comic news that came out.

As I said in the comic news post, I am still amazed at how much Supergirl was front and center at the con. There was a ton of news about the character. And having a hit television show certainly is a big part of that popularity. Gone are the days of people not knowing who Supergirl is.

I was also reminded by friend Martin Gray that just a couple of months ago, we fans were worried about getting a second season. Now the news about the show is just steamrolling forward. There was a lot of great information that was released at the convention and there are a million links, youtube videos, vines, and sites that can get you content. I'm just going to concentrate on the actual Supergirl panel at SDCC to discuss.

On to the coverage!

First off, WB did a great job promoting their shows with the standard SDCC swag bag. This year's Supergirl one looks great. Since last year the show hadn't come out, we only saw a silhouette of Supergirl. This time she's flying right into the point of view. Love it.

One of the best things from the entire SDCC was the CW Teaser Trailer as seen here:

This was an incredible look at all the shows complete with a retro narration that could have come right out of a Super Friends show.

But Supergirl is the clear star here. They are introducing her to the CW audience and they threw in a ton of historical images for the long term fans. Can you name all of the issues they came from? Amazingly, I have completely covered 7 of the 9 issues on the site and one other in a quick review during my first year here.

But I love that they pulled images from all the eras of Supergirl.

Before the Supergirl panel happened, Bleeding Cool dropped a major spoiler/theory. The person in the pod from the end of Supergirl Season One is Mon-El. Here is that link:

This actually is a great theory. Imagine Mon-El being rocketed off Krypton instead of being sent to the Phantom Zone. Or maybe the pod was in the Zone and only recently slipped out.

Either way, we have seen a Legion ring in the Fortress on Supergirl. So maybe Mon-El arrives. We have a couple of episodes with Superman, Supergirl, and Mon-El. Mon slowly begins dying from lead poisoning. Superman uses the ring to summon the Legion to take Mon-El to the future.

And then, maybe we get a return of the Legion in the season finale.

If we are getting Mon-El, we better get the Legion.

And lastly, the cast (including the executive producer Sarah Schechter) showed up to have a panel discussion of the upcoming season. I am sure there is a true transcript of the panel somewhere. But here is the link to CBR's coverage:

And some blurbs from the panel.

"What's really cool is this season is we've established how much Alex is in the DEO... and that journey and her relationship with Kara, but we didn't really get to see her outside of those elements. This season is more of an opportunity to learn a little more about her," Leigh shared. "Where does Alex live? I have no idea!"

So no big surprise, I loved Alex Danvers last season. She was as much a hero in some respects as Supergirl. She kicked serious butt. And we've seen her eat ice cream and relax in Kara's apartment. So I'm intrigued to get some Alex backstory.

As to Kara and Jimmy's romance, "It's going to have ups and downs. She's still finding out who she is as a woman, and I'm still finding out who I am. So, we'll see!"

I don't think I am completely on board with the Kara/Jimmy relationship. Maybe this won't last long. It just seems like it can only muddy the narrative. So we'll see ... 
"In the first season, we saw Winn go from this... unconfident guy, and through all these other people... he's come into his own, and become pretty confident. I think confidence is sexy!" Jordan said. He also hinted that Winn might be working a little more with the DEO.

Winn did get a bit of character progression over the season. What with the reveal of the Toyman, to his work with the DEO, to his defeat of Indigo, to his fiery relationship with Siobhan, he (outside of Kara) grew the most. Will he still pine for Kara? I do hope he has moved past her.

But I like the idea of him working with the DEO more. 

"Clark has a very different experience of what it means to have superpowers on Earth. He was raised with them... so there's some headbutting and some approaches that are different," Schechter revealed.
"[Maggie Sawyer] is real tough and a real badass," she said, but played coy when the moderator asked slyly after Batwoman, who is Sawyer's girlfriend in the comics.

There is a lot of stuff that I glossed over.

It will be interesting to see Kara stand up to Kal in terms of their approach. Remember, Supergirl has always sort of stood in the shadow of Superman. So I like the idea of her being so confident in her approach that she feels she can stand up to him. 

And I like Maggie Sawyer being on the show. Maybe she will don the cowl.

But there is so much fun in this panel. The cast is charming. They seem to love working with each other. And if Mon-El is the person in the pod, we have to get a Legion.

Nothing but optimism from me. Bring on the season premiere.   


Firebird said...

Interesting choice for a comic panel to showcase Mon-El possibly being on the show Anj. ;)

Martin Gray said...

We've still not heard any more about the casting of Lena or the mysterious doctor, have we? I wonder if they're still in the picture. I do hope so.

Anj said...

Couldn't help putting that Mon-El panel in. Maybe that is the third side of the romantic triangle early on?

And you are right Mart. We haven't heard about the evil Doctor. She has to be the bad.

Anonymous said...

If this is Mon El, the whole arc could easily function as a backdoor "Legion of Superheroes" pilot....Television has always been LoSH's natural venue (a trait they share with Kousin Kara) so I wouldn't rule such a situation out....