Tuesday, July 26, 2016

October 2016 Solicits

The October solicits for DC Comics were officially released last week and I don't know if I have been this excited about the entire line in quite some time. Here is a link to all of DC's books and merchandise:

For me, the biggest news is that we get more of the Young Animal books. It feels like those years when a number of books out out by DC were pushing the envelope, those early days of Vertigo. So this month we get Shade the Changing Girl as well as the second issue of Doom Patrol. Shade the Changing Man is one of those properties that I have always enjoyed. So I am really looking forward to that book.

On to the super-books.

(W) Orlando (A/CA) Brian Ching (CA) Bengal
“REIGN OF THE CYBORG SUPERMEN” part two! Supergirl battles Cyborg Superman in the Fortress of Solitude-and there can be only one winner! But even a temporary victory can spell certain doom for Kara and her new home as her father’s plan at last comes to light! Meanwhile, the race for Cat Grant’s prized internship heats up, and Kara finds her human competition to be just as challenging!

This must be the main cover as it is clearly Brian Ching's art. I am glad to see that we are getting a variant by Bengal whose work sparkled in Adventures in SupergirlI might have to get used Ching's art which seems pretty stylized. Those are long thin legs on Kara.

That said, there is a lot to like about this solicit. I am not a fan of Zor-El as Cyborg Superman but maybe this 'plan' will make things interesting. But having Kara be Cat Grant's intern is brilliant. Could the human competition be  Siobhan Smythe? Nasty Luthor?

(W) Jurgens (A) Stephen Segovia, Art Thibert (CA) Clay Mann (CA) Gary Frank
“BACK IN THE PLANET” part one! Superman returns to the public eye-but what of Lois Lane? When a mysterious package arrives for Lois and Clark back on the farm, Lois can stay on the sidelines no more. But where does that leave Superman’s human doppelgänger, Clark?

(W) Jurgens (A) Stephen Segovia, Art Thibert (CA) Clay Mann (CA) Gary Frank
“BACK IN THE PLANET” part two! As the Daily Planet’s star returns to work, so does Lex Luthor. Meanwhile, Superman continues to investigate the devastation in the aftermath of the Doomsday attack.

Hmmm ... does this mean the older Lois Lane is taking over the role of the current Earth's Lois? We know that the current Lois will be Superwoman. Maybe she can't be the reporter so the older 'Author X' Lois needs to take up the mantle? Won't people notice she's older?

And who is that Clark?

(W) Tomasi, Gleason (A) Jaime Mendoza (A/CA) Doug Mahnke (CA) Kenneth Rocafort
“RETURN TO DINOSAUR ISLAND” part one! Father and Superson work on a science assignment with bizarre consequences that transports the pair along with Krypto to Dinosaur Island! Now, amid relics of World War II, Superman tries to keep Jon from the jaws of prehistoric predators! Worse, Kal-El can’t find a way to fly off the Island.

(W) Tomasi, Gleason (A) Doug Mahnke, Jaime Mendoza (CA) Patrick Gleason (CA) Kenneth Rocafort
“RETURN TO DINOSAUR ISLAND” part two! Trapped on a strange island removed from time, Superman and Son encounter a lone survivor from the past. He may hold the key to their escape, but first they must survive the other denizens of the Island.

Superman and Superboy fighting dinosaurs amid WW2 relics? And Krypto will be there? And who could the sole survivor be? Iron Munro?

This cover screams everything I love about comics.

(W) Jimenez (A) Emanuela Lupacchino, Ray McCarthy (CA) Phil Jimenez(CA) Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson
“WHO IS SUPERWOMAN?” part three! Ultra Woman is revealed, and her unstoppable Bizarress army are hunting for Superwoman! But that’s not the only challenge facing the new hero-Steel has made a terrifying new discovery: Superwoman’s powers are killing her-and the only chance to save her life is to leave her powers behind!

Who is Ultra Woman? I really really really hope it isn't Lana. But we'll see. 

Superwoman dying from the power seems a bit too familiar. Haven't we just seen that plot? 

Anyways, the cover has a sort of Dark City feel to it. And I am looking forward to this book. 

(W) Yang (A) Richard Friend (A/CA) Viktor Bogdanovic (CA) Bernard Chang
“MADE IN CHINA” part four! It’s the Justice League of China vs. the Chinese Freedom Fighters! As the New Super-Man tests his power against the Flying Dragon General’s team, a shocking new revelation will stop our young hero dead in his tracks. And trust us, you won’t believe what Kenan Kong discovers! All this, plus the Chinese Freedom Fighters’ ultimate weapon arrives, and it’ll be the STAR of the show…

What could it be that he discovers? I hope it isn't that he is dying.

And the fact that STAR is capitalized makes me think that the word is in the codename. Any ideas?

I was thrilled by the first issue. So I am on board for now.

(W) Bennett (A) Laura Braga, Mirka Andolfo (CA) Ant Lucia
With the help of the real Raven and Miriam Bätzel-now transformed into Mary Marvel-the Bombshells must defend the Jewish rebels against a Nazi army magically controlled by the Joker’s Daughter. But as the city of Atlantis rises out of water mid-battle, the Bombshells may be facing an even bigger threat than they ever imagined!

Again, no mention of Supergirl in this solicit. I keep hoping we'll see Kara again and soon. But introducing Mary Marvel is a brilliant stroke for this book. I hope she is played like the earliest Mary, almost Pollyanna in the face of the atrocities around her.

But a new Shade book and a Doom Patrol title on the shelves makes me very happy!  


Uncle Screensaver said...
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Uncle Screensaver said...

Reading the premise of "Shade" made me instantly think of the premise for PAD's Supergirl.

As for "Superwooman," those Bizarro Lois types costumes look like modified versions of the New 52 Crime Syndicate's Superwoman's costume. The female Lex Luthor/ Wizard of Oz "Head" mashup made me think of Lena Luther being the evil mastermind.

I missed it at first: Mary Marvel! So super! Not just the character but that her code name isn't Mary Shazam or Lady Shazam!

It's so refreshing to be continuously excited for DC comics again!

Anj said...

Lena as the bad guy! Brilliant.

Unknown said...

what happened with the supergirl of the new 52?