Thursday, October 29, 2015

Supergirl Sighting Post-Crisis?

 For those of you who aren't listening to the Secret Origins podcast, you should be. Ryan Daly is reviewing the series issue by issue and it is a great listen.

Okay, I may be biased, having been a guest twice.

The truth is I have been loving going back and rereading these issues. For one, the stories are typically very good. It reminds me of the classic origins of these characters.

But most interesting for me is seeing how this book was helping DC smooth out some of the post-Crisis speed bumps which arose. We have seen the Golden Age Fury replace Wonder Woman. We heard how Power Girl is now Atlantean, not Kryptonian. We saw Power Girl replace Supergirl in a Doom Patrol flashback.

And 2 weeks ago in the above issue, we learned that Barbara Gordon was Jim Gordon's niece. Head to the wordpress account to listen to this great episode:

For me, as a Supergirl fan, I enjoy going back to this time to see if, when, and how some Supergirl homages were put into comics. Remember, Supergirl was completely expunged from the DCU.

But we saw her in DC Challenge. We saw a statue of her in the Legion memorial hall. We saw a Kara talk to Deadman in a Christmas special.

In the Batgirl origin, we hear Babs talk about how she felt so alone at time growing up that she made imaginary friends.

Okay, I can't prove that the giant blond woman with the Jim Mooney eyes is Supergirl. But it is hard to deny.

Batgirl and Supergirl were friends in the pre-Crisis universe. So having some vestigial memory of that friendship would be wonderful. And the hair and those pale blue eyes with tiny pupils is so evocative of a Silver Age Kara.

I am sticking with that belief.

We flashback to Babs childhood where she and a friend create a number of make-believe woman superheroes. Like Batgirl!

But also like Supergirl!

That is a direct name-check.

But I wonder if DC and Robert Greenberger didn't want to push things too much. While it is Supergirl drawing, she is absolutely raven-haired and not blond. Too bad! How great would a blond Supergirl as a doodle be!

These little name-checks and homages remind me that not everyone at DC was on board with Supergirl's death.

And it isn't the only time I have seen Supergirl sort of discussed in Secret Origins:

Will there be more moving forward?

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Anonymous said...

It's nice knowing that not everyone agreed with Wolfman or Giordano and the decision to kill her and never mention her again.

DC should never have killed her. I cringe every time I hear someone defending that "Superman must be the only survivor of Krypton!" garbage.