Thursday, October 15, 2015

Supergirl Show Panel At NYCC

On Sunday, the NYCC had a WB TV extravaganza with a number of the WB shows, not just DC Comic based, having episodes shown and then a post-show panel. Here is a link to CBR's coverage:

Ali Adler, Mehcad Brooks, and Peter Facinelli were on hand to discuss Supergirl and I highly recommend going to the article to read all the comments but I thought I would post a few that caught my eye here.

Adler on taking on the show: "What's amazing for us is we were able to sort of weave our own canvas, taking the best parts of the historical comic book character. Characters like Alex Danvers are whole cloth -- we created her for this."  

I am beginning the think that I am really going to love Alex Danvers. Who has Supergirl had as a a mentor or confidante like this? Some fans have told me they think Alex is going to be a sort of Lana stand-in from the Gates/Igle run.

Adler talked the inspirations for "Supergirl." "We're so inspired by things like 'Buffy' and 'Alias.' Those are strong, badass women. [Supergirl] is just superpowerful, and it's incidental, almost, that she's female -- you won't forget it, but you'll take away that she's badass."

Well, Adler does a great job of giving some street cred to the show, dropping the Buffy and Alias examples.

Adler revealed one of the DC Comics villains coming to the series: Toyman. "There's definitely going to be a connection between the villain Toyman and one of our heroes, played by Jeremy Jordan."

We knew a Toyman would eventually come around to this show but I always thought it would be Jordan in season 2. I suppose that can still happen.

So what is the connection? Uncle? Father? Brother?

The executive producer also disclosed that the "Supergirl" writers' room is 50 percent female: "As it should be." She said that brings "balance and truth to the show." "This is a spectacular show," Adler continued. "Every department is really pushing itself to be super, and we're really trying to bring you a feature film every week." 

How great is that!

Asked about Kara's career aspirations, Adler stated, "I think we're always shifting and growing. She loves where she is, she's definitely inspired. She's this radiant burst of life you seen on the screen -- in real life she is as well."

"I think she's inspiring no matter what her gender is," Adler told a fan. "We like to look at each episode with, 'What would she be like without her superpowers?' and boil down her essence. Aspirational and inspirational."

As I have said ad nauseum, this show seems to get what Supergirl is all about. A radiant burst of life. Aspirational. Inspirational!

I just can't wait. 11 days away!


Anonymous said...

...caption for the Melissa Benoist picture?

"You want to start something? Bring it! I'm Supergirl!"

Definately can't wait till October 26th! And I'll ask again... think you'll (be able to) review the 1984 Supergirl movie before that date?


Anonymous said...

She is Supergirl that is her career aspiration....maybe cracking the JLA at some point would be nice as well.....;)


Anj said...

Thanks for comments.
Don't think I can do a movie review before that!

Anonymous said...

Original Anon again,

Thanks for answering Anj. Understandable if you can't do it by premiere's date, I do hope you can do one in
the future sometime. I do appreciate the other material you share on this site, alot of which I wouldn't
be able to get or know about normally.

Best Regards, and see all you Supergirl fans on Oct 26th!

Anonymous said...

The amazing (and hot) pic you see is from the 5-second bumper CBS uses to promote the show. It starts it, but after the name of the show slides in, both elements slide out and are replaced by a close-up of Melissa with that jacket closed up as the day and time fill in. All done under dramatic music. Catch it sometime. But blink and you will miss it!