Wednesday, October 14, 2015

2015 NYCC Supergirl Comic News

I'll be covering the NYCC over the next two days looking at comic news today and show news tomorrow.

We'll start out with the obvious.

There was no announcement about any Supergirl book at the convention. No mainstream book. No show tie-in book. Nothing.

I have talked about how inane this is from a business point of view so no need to flog that dead horse.

I did review the transcript of most of the DC panels. Interestingly enough, there was no Superman panel. Despite all the radical changes, the upcoming comic series, DC didn't think Superman deserved his own panel.

In the Heroes panel, Dan Didio had this quote saying that the powers that be "have never forsaken the core qualities of these characters."

I think if you look at Superman alone, you might say that the current Superman is about as far away from the core qualities of the character as you can get. Someone even says later that they are asking 'can he still be Superman without his abilities'? The answer for 75 years has been yes. Because it is the person inside, it's Clark, that defines the character. Not the powers.

I found it laughable that Didio would say such a thing when this two page spread ends Action Comics. On one side we have a bloody Clark arrested. On the other, an angry Superman mutating into a monster.

Does Didio really think this represents the core qualities of Superman?


Otherwise, the only real Supergirl news was on the DC SuperHero Girls front. There seemed to be a lot of news on that front. I recommend people going over to the site as they are starting to post some quick webisodes:

But here we see the characters adorning steps in the Javits Center.

We got a good luck at the action figures and dolls coming out.

And there was also a ton of merchandise on display for all the characters. Action figures! Shirts! Skateboards! Elbow pads! Phone cases! Just incredible.

I like the look of this Supergirl, especially those Chuck Taylor sneakers.

And while I will have a post tomorrow about the Supergirl panel, I did like how DC was marketing the show by having a display cast onto buildings from (I guess) a moving vehicle.

You can find a gif of this online with the figure of Melissa Benoist/Supergirl streaking on the side of the building as whatever is projecting it moves down the street.

And then a nice spotlight of the symbol and show info in the shadow of the Empire State Building.


You'd think there would be a comic out there for this character to capture all this energy surrounding Supergirl!


Unknown said...

True that there's no comic, but considering how screwy D.C. is these days I'm almost glad to let t.v. tie-ins take it for awhile.

KET said...

The company that did the SG moving vehicle stunt for the show was hired by CBS, not DC.

Anonymous said...

The closest thing to a TV show tie-in is the reissue of (New 52)Supergirl #1 with a Supergirl TV show banner being offered for $1.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you heartily Anj, the lack of news about a Supergirl comic is as
inexplicable as it is in(s)ane. I will give it that there was promo for the
DC SuperHero Girls... and while caught the first two episodes, I have to admit
time to watch ep3 has eluded me... DEFINATELY can't wait to see Supergirl's
intro, how they'll play her, and her interactions with the rest of the cast.


Martin Gray said...

Buying digitally, I'd not seen the ' This is not a Superman comic' ad. It just shows contempt for the chapter.

Anj said...

Thanks for comments.

DC SuperheroGirls seems like a fun site. The shorts are silly and quick.

Anonymous said...

I don't think we're going to see a Supergirl comic (or Supergirl herself) while Superman is basically powerless. I doubt DC wants a fully powered Supergirl in action while Superman is struggling with his lack of powers. I also doubt they want two de-powered Kryptonians so Supergirl has just quietly been shoved to the side.

I don't think she's been mentioned once since Truth started. I could be wrong though. I haven't read the last several issues of any of the Superman themed books because this storyline is so atrocious. I'm about to drop all four Superman related books because it's just a waste of money at this point.