Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Supergirl Show Statue!

Thanks to all the pals and Supergirl fans who forwarded me this link:
This was also just dropped in the DC Solicits so I will cover this news there as well.

While there has been some merchandise for the Supergirl show appearing on the CBS Store site, we finally have a little geeky Supergirl stuff to look forward to!

DC Collectibles announced this 12.5-inch resin statue of Melissa Benoist as Supergirl. It just looks great. I love the pose, the gaze into the distance, the billowing cape. The statue will hit stores in May 2016, right around the end of the first season.

And it is a good thing I have 8 months to think about this because it is a hefty $130 bucks. This might be the time for me to start a layaway plan at the LCS, chipping $5 away now and then.

I don't think I can let this one slip by me. Expect to see it in my collection!


Anonymous said...

News, hype, promo and FINALLY merchandise for the new TV series can't keep coming out.
I was tickled pink at the ep previews of 2 and 3, and Helen Slater's spoiler of ep 5.
Counting down till monday!

...and I'm trying to figure out _IF_ I got this gem, where I would put it... space constraints...


Anonymous said...

...whoops... "can't stop coming out"... my bad ;)

Too excited to form coherent thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Well, the gang at Big Bad Toy Store are offering this on pre-order FOR...$104.99. Am saving my change, but will not pre-order because it requires a credit card.

Hopefully more will be offered like more poseable things.