Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Supergirl Sighting In Lois And Clark

I have been very intrigued to read Dan Jurgens Superman:Lois and Clark book which has sprung from the pages of Convergence. That Convergence miniseries which gave us back a married and happy super-couple was one of the highlights of that event.

But how/where does Lois and Clark exist in the new DCU? Are they on the main Earth? Is this Clark watching the New 52 Clark muddle along? Dan Jurgens answers some of those questions over on comicbook.com. Here is a link:http://comicbook.com/2015/09/17/dan-jurgens-talks-superman-lois-clark/

But really what I wanted to share here was this page. That last panel shows a headband Kara. And clearly this is the scene from the main Convergence comic where Barry, Hal, and Kara had to head back to the Crisis to 'save it'. I was flummoxed by this when I read it. Where they stopping the Crisis? Making sure the Crisis happened as it did? Did they die again?

I don't want to pick the scab of Crisis #7 again but I hope that Supergirl still sacrifices herself to save the multiverse. As reviewed ad nauseum in July, I think that moment stands out as a special one in comic history. Don't retcon it.

But a Lee Weeks' drawing of Supergirl? That is a win!


Martin Gray said...

I'm so looking forward to this. I could stand Kara being the old character with a twist. Aunt Kara! Even if she's unkilled, she still died I have the comics.

Anonymous said...

JUST ONCE...can't Supergirl save the GD Day AND LIVE?!!! I'm not asking for much, "Lie to Me DC" PRETEND you care about my patronage....


Anonymous said...

Ever seen the 2009 Star Trek movie? Whatever happens, it *should* be a branching timeline. After all, post-Crisis Superman, Lois, and Parallax/Hal Jordan kind of needs the multiverse to collapse into a single universe for them to exist.

Then, Convergence happened... and we get a new branching timeline, or an "alternate reality" as Star Trek 2009 would put it.

If "infinite" universes exist once more as Brainiac says, then Brainiac's strike force likely got the drop on the Anti-Monitor way before COIE #7 when Kara saved the five remaining universes in the original timeline. There's no reason for alternate reality Kara to die again here. (Even in COIE #7, Kara by herself had all the momentum in the battle against the Anti-Monitor, completely destroying his machines and most of his body until Dr. Light distracted her, causing her to turn in battle...)

So we now have two parallel multiverses: the original pre-Crisis multiverse, and the New-52 multiverse. I love the idea of Aunt Kara (and I'm sure Kara would love the idea of being Aunt Kara), but she has her own Earth-One to return to in the pre-Crisis multiverse. Like, what happened to her stuff in her apartment after being missing for a year, and is Dick Malverne still going to be bugging her? So, no, please don't kill off Kara again. Even if we only get to imagine her Silver Age-y schemes to get pre-Crisis Superman and Lois to marry so that she can be Aunt Kara in her own universe, it's better than nothing.

Lois and Clark, however, don't have a world to return to in the post-Crisis multiverse, which after Flashpoint, became the New-52 multiverse.

... Actually, more terrifyingly, what the heck happened to Parallax? I'm sure that the fact that his own world no longer exists would be more than a little vexing for him.

Uncle Screensaver said...

No, no, no. I want that like Crisis afterwards, things happened but they didn't. I want Kara to have her cake and eat it too, in the form of living. I don't want Kara to end up having to die again, after all this. Of course, she comes back, sooo ... and I have looked at the moment she died that her spirit was split throughout time and space in order to create all the variant versions of her, including totem Super-Girl. She was still reincarnated as Linda Danvers, of course, and the angelic Kara was her soul. Anyway, I still, I want her sacrifice to still be a shining moment but if she has to die, have her come back to life soon after. How about they make it so she didn't get distracted, took out the Anti-Monitor herself, on her own, died, but then either revived not unlike Superman or continue to have her reincarnate into Linda Danvers, but just make sure everyone remembers Kara existed afterward. Maybe even have that when Matrix merged into Linda, Kara was brought forth from that.I'm rambling again.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure Jurgens will concern himself with what happened with Pre Crisis Supergirl, I'm guessing he'll imply that Silver Age Barry and Kara go back in time to fulfil their sacrifices in the Crisis, that's what Convergence implied at the end of its story. I'm not certain why it's such a bad thing Kara has to die, it is a really great defining moment for this character even if it was done for the wrong reasons as covered on this blog a few weeks back.

So Supergirl and Flash will be wisked back to the Crisis, Parallax is probably going to get lost in the timestream (scary thought but that's as good a guess as I have right now) and Lois, Clark and Jonathan Kent will be whisked to the New 52 Earth 9 years before the current timeline. I'm still anxious about how Jurgens will justify why the elder and more experienced Superman hasn't exposed himself to his younger counterpart or helped out during the big crises of the New 52 thus far, because there have been times when Pre Flashpoint Superman's help would have been sorely needed.