Thursday, September 10, 2015

Supergirl Show TV Guide And New Trailer

We are a month and a half away from the Supergirl show's premiere and the buzz keeps building.

We certainly have had a ton of news of villains and supporting cast members who will be joining the show. And now we are getting down to the wire. A couple of things caught my eye ...

For one, the TV guide Fall Preview issue is out this week.

And there, front and center, the largest character on the cover, is Supergirl. Bigger than Rob Lowe. Bigger than Wesley Snipes. Bigger than Kermit!

I live in a world where Supergirl is the biggest star on a TV Guide Fall preview issue. Unreal.

And more teaser footage and videos are being released and this one might be my favorite of the bunch:

The stars and the producers and writers all talk about the show. But it is Melissa Benoist's words that make me once again realize that the show understands the character perfectly.

Early on, she says that Supergirl 'so badly wants to spread good' because she has lost so much. And that just sounds like Kara. She wants to be a hero and do what's right almost desperately. The fact that this is because she doesn't want other to suffer like she has is completely noble.

It is the exact opposite of what the Loeb Supergirl and the initial New 52 Supergirl felt. Those Supergirls were angry and bitter because of what life dealt her. She didn't want to help. She wanted to be left alone, to wallow in her anger, to rage against Earth. And that just isn't Supergirl.

So I am amazed that these Hollywood folks get the essence. I mean later in this preview, Benoist says that Supergirl is a 'beacon of hope', someone hungry to do good. That is Supergirl.

And that makes me that much more excited to see this show!

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Anonymous said...

Benoist's take on Supergirl mirror images Adam West's approach to Batman if you can believe it. West skipped over a lot of the darker aspects of Batman's legend in favor of a core assumption that insisted that Bruce Wayne had suffered so much losing his parents to a criminal that he'd do dang near anything to prevent the like happening to anyone else.

Anyway fingers crossed a lot rides on this....