Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mike Maihack Takes On Television Supergirl

The announcement of the Supergirl television show has shaken the internet and comic fandom. And lucky for us, Mike Maihack has joined in. Maihack, famous for his Batgirl and Supergirl comics, has posted a new one, riffing on Supergirl's impending show: http://cowshell.com/2015/09/03/batgirl-and-tvs-supergirl-comic/

Part of the fun of these strips are Supergirl's sunny disposition and obsession with new costumes contrasting Batgirl's all business approach to crime fighting.

So read and enjoy as Supergirl shows Babs her TV costume and defeats Killer Moth in front of the cameras.

There is a lot to enjoy here, from Batgirl's icy response to Kara's capture as well as Babs' deadpan look when Killer Moth asks for now star Supergirl's autograph. Just perfect.

But another running theme in these strips is how easy breezy Supergirl defeats the Gotham villains.

Here the directors of the show talk about the upcoming scene of Kara cleaning up Gotham. Love it.

Maihack's Supergirl is always smiling, always optimistic and bright, and always sports a headband. Naturally, I always love it.

These strips are little treasures so I am always happy to see when Maihack is struck by the muse to do another.

Check out Maihack's site and his own strip Cleopatra in Space here: http://cowshell.com/


Anonymous said...

I had the biggest grin plastered all over my face hearing this news and reading over this new one. Thanks to Mike M
for his references to the new TV series! There can't be enough publicity for it... and Oct 26th can't come soon enough!

And poor Babs... the final panel of her and Killer Moth.

I vote Mike M gets to write the script -- or at least the treatment -- if the Supergirl TV show brings in Batgirl for
an ep. His interpretation of the two's interaction would TOTALLY be epic!


Anonymous said...

Yeah BG definitely needs to guest star on Supergirl maybe not this year but assuming the series is renewed definitely in year two.....speaking on guest heroes and guest stars, Lynda Carter's "Wonder Woman" was a CBS program back in the day I think it'd be hilarious if her and Lyle Waggoner copped cameos on Supergirl...

Always thinkin'


Uncle Screensaver said...

These strips always have me beaming! DC truly needs to get their act together and hire Mr. Maihack to have a Supergirl/ Batgirl all ages comic. At least a mini-series. Then again, that is greedy of me to suggest that. Having a new strip by him is always something special, and always a nice surprise.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

I have to admit when I heard Supergirl was getting a new series I first whooped for joy (I love Supergirl) and then I thought that your blog will be the happening place this fall!

Anonymous said...

Linda Carter aka Linda Cordoba starred in ABC, John, not CBS, ever!
ABC was known as the loser network. raunchy, slobby, and generally hippie in the day...I hate ABC since.-
Guess who.-

Timothy S. Brannan said...

You are both right. Wonder Woman began on ABC for season 1 and then moved to CBS for two seasons.