Monday, September 7, 2015

Supergirl Digest

One of the things that I love about social media and even this blog is that I have met great people over time, people I may never meet in person but who I count as friends.

One of the first was Mart Gray, from across the pond, steward of the Too Dangerous For A Girl comic review site, Supergirl fan, and overall great guy! I have talked comics with Mart for a long time and think he is a wellspring of comic knowledge. If you are looking for great comic reviews for a multitude of books, you should head there!

Mart sent me a gift recently, something missing from my collection. The Best of DC Comics, Vol 3, No. 17, better known as the Supergirl digest! I have been looking for this book for a long time so this is truly a wonderful present.

The digest sports a nifty George Perez cover, Linda Danvers in the background switching to Supergirl, flying towards the reader. She looks outright graceful there.

The supra-title is 'The Many Lives of Supergirl' and it shows how varied Supergirl's life was back then.

 The back cover is just as wonderful with a playful and casual Supergirl leaning on the panels showcasing the stories on the inside. And what I love about it is that it concentrates on the Linda side of Supergirl's life. There is action in all these stories. Instead we see the different points in Linda's life they occur. From orphan to revealed super-hero to college student to reporter to acting student to guidance counselor, Linda was trying to find her place. This is a Linda cover!

I have reviewed the last 4 stories in this digest here over the years. Perhaps most surprising is that I haven't covered the second story, Action Comics #285, in which Supergirl's existence is revealed. How have I not covered that issue here??

The back cover does a nice job writing about how Supergirl's life meandered over the years at this point.

It was 1981 so she was starring in Superman Family. This was two years away from another turn in her life, as grad student in Chicago.

It is a shame there were no footnotes or issue references in this blurb. This was well before the internet. I might have liked to know what issue she discovers her family, etc.

Since I haven't covered Action Comics #285 in depth, I had to include this panel.

This might have to become a t-shirt.

An absolutely huge thank you to Mart for sending this my way! I owe you one, my friend!


Martin Gray said...

You're very welcome, it's a nifty little special and no mistake. Thanks for keeping Kara's flame alive!

Count Drunkula said...

Oh man, that's awesome! Great gift!