Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Jim Lee On A New Supergirl Book

We have been waiting for information on a new Supergirl book since the last one was cancelled before its time. And finally ... finally ... we have a little.

Over on IGN Jim Lee was being interviewed about a number of topics including a new Hush collection, his work on Batman, and comics in general. And, surprisingly, the topic of Supergirl came up.

IGN: One last question. The Supergirl show is coming this Fall, but there's no Supergirl comic book on the shelf. Are there any plans to bring Supergirl back with her own solo series?
Lee: We'd be remiss if we did not use that as an opportunity. If you look at all the shows, we've tried to do things that both tie in directly into the core mythology of the show itself. But a lot of times you see the best stories featuring, let’s say Green Arrow or The Flash, those are the ones which see the greatest lift when a show becomes a hit. I think you'll see an interesting mix of Supergirl content come out, some of which will closely mirror what's going on in the show, but there's some of the great stories that we publish that we will put out.

I think it's exciting to see one of the key franchises lifted and showcased and we have really high hopes for it.

Now it isn't much. But at least we know that DC is thinking about the character and wants to take advantage of the opportunity the show is providing. I think it is interesting that Lee talks about trying to tie the concept of the book with the tone of the show. He even brings up Arrow and Flash. But then he talks about publishing stories that don't mesh at all (hence the New 52 reprint and the resolicit of the Loeb trade).

So are they waiting for the show? Are they waiting to see the response of the show? Are they waiting for the right creators to show up? Wait until the mess of DCYou settles down to decide if this is going to be 'meat and potatoes' or 'Burnside mash'?

I have to say that I find it frustrating that despite the incredible buzz of the show, despite the consistent failure of the darker interpretations of Kara, DC still feels the need to try to shove a bitter take on Supergirl to the readers. Why not revisit the Gates/Igle stuff? Cosmic Adventures? Why not release a Showcase book of the Daring New series? Why not do a show-related digital book with the same upbeat hope of the show? Why not embrace the Supergirl who wants to do good and inspire, who strive to be like Superman?

Why not?????

Anyways, at least Supergirl is on the minds of the higher ups at the company. Now we just need the right book!


Veronica said...

seems like they are waiting to see if the show get good rating and it is well received so they can think about anew book. I call it stupid.
they are doing a lucifer book just because of the tv show, that wasn't so well received.
also they could just do a 6 issues mini and then relaunch again or just continue if sales are good

Anonymous said...

I would think that Lee wouldn't make such comments about producing Supergirl content in sync with the show if DC weren't making plans already to publish a new Supergirl comic, and not just a TV show tie in. DC aren't usually known for making their comics more like the live action material, Marvel do that far more regularly and diligently. It'd be foolish to abstain from publishing a Supergirl comic for so long after her popularity and status will be at an all time high thanks to the TV show, so one can only hope that DC are not drawing such needless blanks when it comes to putting out a Supergirl comic.


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Isn't it better that there will likely be TWO Supergirl books? One which follows the TV show, like Arrow or Flash and one that may or may not be a crappy nu52 book or a better DCYOU book? I don't see them re-releasing the nu52 #1 as nothing more than laziness and less reason to pay someone for new art.

And if the show does well, readers can buy the one book and ignore the other, if it is not as good.

Anj said...

Thanks for all the comments.

I keep thinking that DC has a Supergirl comic in mind and right around the corner. But after thinking that for the last few months, I am starting to doubt that that is true. You would think they would have announced something by now. So until I see the solicit, I won't believe.

But I agree with the sentiment that not having a book on the shelves right now is inane.

Anonymous said...

Took the words right out of my pocket, Anj. Lee's response sounds like the mealy-mouthed excuse
one gave as a kid when you got caught not doing your homework or chores. The premiere date's been
no secret for the last couple months, so DC's had plenty of time to come up with SOMEthing.

Coupled with the poor numbers mentioned in yesterday's post... I sincerely HOPE they're not (going
to) blame it on some inane reason like "that wasn't a very good Supergirl."

But I love your suggestions, especially Cosmic Adventures.... hell, even a Mike M. Supergirl/Batgirl
book of shorts would be worth it.

I've said before, DC needs to strike like it's hot!


elknight20 said...

To be honest, I think they're going to see if the show does well & then a comic based off the show.

They did it with Arrow, The Flash, & once the Smallville show was canceled, the comics continued where the show left off, in their live-action run.

The tv show looks like an amalgam of many variations of SG, & I LOVE the route they're going with Kara.

Hopefully two comics will split from this company: one based off the show (that WILL do well), & one that isn't (who knows where those ratings were,prior to it's cancelation [I don't look at the ratings, I look at the cohesiveness of the creative team & story.] Maybe you know more on that, Anj. In any case, I'm cautiously optimistic, here.

Better sooner, than later, in regards to what they have in store for SG, to be honest.

Of all characters who need that charge forward, it's her, Lois Lane, and Wonder Woman.

Michelle said...

"Mealy-mouthed" is EXACTLY what I thought of Lee's response. I get that he wasn't going to announce a Supergirl book at a live event promoting yet another version of Hush, but man...have some clear and positive talking points ready for when people corner you on this topic, guys. They're looking so weak on this.

Martin Gray said...

Well, as you say, that something. If they have any sense, they'll be reaching out to Gates and Igle for a show-driven tie-in.

Anj said...

Seems odd to wait for the reaction to the show to publish a book. Aren't you way behind at that point given the lead time to get an issue together?

And as you say Michelle, he should be ready to answer this question since it is an easy one to ask.

Anonymous said...

> he should be ready to answer this question since it is an easy one to ask.

Simple trinary choice there, in my view, Anj :



"I don't know if we're coming out with a Supergirl book."

Instead, we as Supergirl fans get talked down again in some MAJOR doublethink and doublespeak by TPTB. *shakes head*

Can only hope and wait...


AndNowInStereo said...

I agree with the previous Anon. A simple answer, even 'No' would have been far less insulting than Lee trying to cover his ass by waffling his way out of the question.

They have known since this time last year that this show was on the way, and known since early May that it would indeed be going to air. The lack of anything by now is a pretty clear indication that either they don't want to do a Supergirl comic or have no idea what Supergirl comic to make.

Anonymous said...

Lee sounded annoyed by the question quite frankly, it doesn't sound like anyone has clue one what to do with Supergirl and they are waiting on the TV show to give them some guidance..