Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Femme Fatales Supergirl

It had been a while since this statue had been solicited and even longer since I had paid it off layaway style, a little at a time.

So I was genuinely surprised when the Femme Fatales Supergirl statue came in last week. This is a Supergirl based on the Superman:The Animated Series costume, the white ringer t-shirt and blue pencil skirt.

This is a great statue, showcasing a Supergirl in a nice action pose but smiling and looking ready for action.

The packaging is nice, using the S:TAS logo predominantly and a sort of 'yellow dot' old school coloring motif as well.

The back of the box shows the statue and gives a nice run down of the Kara In-Ze character from the show. This isn't Kara Zor-El. This is a native of Argo rescued by Superman and 'adopted' into his family.

The Kara in JLU was Superman's cousin and I suppose they could have marketed this statue as Superman's cousin. But I like they stuck with her original origin from that show.

Out of the box, it looks very nice. I like the fists clenched look, and a pose like Supergirl is ready to spring into action.

There aren't many details to the back of the statue. We aren't talking super detailed hair or cape.

But overall, I think this is a great and thankfully affordable piece of merchandise. Wonderful.

It has a nice home in the 'white shirt' corner of my Supergirl collection, a sort of anchor in the back, right in behind the Timm based statue of her flying in front of the Daily Planet.

This makes me think I might need to do a Shrine update post soon.


Anonymous said...

If the Supergirl TV show is a big success this fall, lets all try to take a moment to recall that Paul Dini, Bruce Timm et al dared all to bring back the teenaged super-cousin Maid of Might (in all but name) on "Superman the Animated Series. And I myself date Kara Zor El's return to Continuity from her first appearance on STAS.

Gangel said...

Is a nice figure! very cute!
So I dont understand this very well, the Supergirl character of STAS was somekind of rectoned in the JLU series for make her Superman blood-cousin like her comic counterpart?

Uncle Screensaver said...

@ Gangel:

In Justice League Unlimited, the writing left it to the viewer to keep considering her as Kara In-Ze or Kara Zor-El. However, I think Anj is meaning that with today's marketing they may have changed what they said on the package.

Actually, in children's books, how-to-draw books, and other merchandise (such as the Supergirl vs She-Ra box set of figures) the "animated" Supergirl is said to be Kara Zor-El.