Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New Supergirl Trailer

Last night was the beginning of the new CBS season with the airing of several premieres including Big Bang Theory and Scorpion. But for me, the big CBS news was the release during Scorpion of a new 'sizzler' reel for Supergirl! And boy, was I floored. Here is the link, you may as well bookmark it as you are going to be watching it a ton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQASIzTNHHw

But there is a lot to review about this preview. And here are a 'few' of my thoughts. We start of with Melissa Benoist in costume, walking to the screen and looking up hopefully.

Next we learn that Fort Rozz, a space prison for the worst criminals has crash landed on Earth. The person walking away is Vartox (we know that from the prior footage released). So we have an explanation for the 'villain of the week' premise as well as why these disparate characters are all on Earth at the same time.

Of course, Fort Rozz in the comics was a Kryptonian military base that at one point was in the Phantom Zone. So I wonder if somehow Kara (whose rocket we know languished in the Phantom Zone in the show) coming to Earth dragged the prison to Earth.

And then we get the villains.

Check out the absolutely frightening Hellgrammite, who sports a rather Predator-y grin!

And then Reactron!

I mean .... how awesome is this shot. The nuclear powered villain! There is a great shot here of Supergirl holding back a beam with her hand that looks straight out of the comics!

I can't believe what I am seeing!

That is a live action Reactron!!!


But we also see Supergirl fighting a flying female.

We know that Livewire is going to be on the show. But this doesn't look like Livewire. No lightning effects. So who could this be? Black Flame??

Any thoughts??

We also see the whole gamut of Kryptonian powers.

We see heat vision. We see super breath. And here, I think we see super-hearing, Kara listening and tuning into something before streaking off to the rescue.

I also loved that we got to see a lot of the supporting cast. We see Cat Grant with Maxwell Lord. We see Adam Grant.

I loved this brief scene where we see Alex training Kara, tossing her around an octagon style fighting arena. This Kara has hidden her powers all this time. She has lived as a gopher for Cat. She shouldn't know how to fight. So I thought this made perfect sense. And I love it is Alex doing the training. It shows the sister relationship.

The preview ends with Jimmy and Win learning that both know Kara's secret.

I love the shock on both of their faces.

Throughout the preview, Benoist just radiates. She smiles. She seems hopeful. She grits her teeth in determination. She tosses punches and kicks. Benoist *is* Supergirl in these shots.

We are a short 34 days away. I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Glad that clip's up on youtube now, thanks for sharing Anj. And I'm so giddy at all the goodies it shows! Some specific ones :

0:19 -- "I see a city...," trying to figure out who's voice that is. Jimmy's I'm guessing? Giving Kara / Supergirl a motivational speech?

0:28 -- flying moments like this... CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT! Any moments of Melissa B flying like that is SO welcome!

0:30 -- DC logo, anyone recognize that picture / pose of Supergirl? If I'm not mistaken, that was 2004 Supergirl issue #50. SOOOO HAPPY!!

Superheroics... too many to mention! Besides taking on the big baddies, they have Supergirl taking on some of the more "mundane" events...
will have to see how they play this. Remember from some of the dialogue in the comics the "regular guys" got thought of disparagingly as
the Supers' Cleanup Crew.

0:46 -- Reactron : good catch on that Anj, didn't recognize that. And yeah, I'll repeat my hope that they write him as badass as he was
during Sterling Gates' run, and b) that he comes back for more episodes.

0:54 -- fighting Alex, good point about it. I recall a line from the comics about how even though Supergirl is superstrong and invulnerable,
she shouldn't rely exclusively on her powers in a fight. This would be a good place for the writers to stick in a Kuklor comment, no? :)

0:58 -- the "Awaken" moment, as I'm calling it. I wonder how that will play into the episodes we see... Can't wait!

1:03 -- Super Best Friends Club moment, LOVED IT! The look on Jimmy and Winns' faces! PRICELESS!!


Uncle Screensaver said...

According to comments on Supergirl.tv, the flying female is ****** SPOILER ****** The General who was revealed to be, because of the leaked pilot to be Kara's ********* SPOILER ******* aunt.

Uncle Screensaver said...

Also, no birthday love for Kara, Anj? Say it ain't so! (Just bugging you.)

Anonymous said...

"1:03 -- Super Best Friends Club moment, LOVED IT! The look on Jimmy and Winns' faces! PRICELESS!!"

And then Melissa's winning, yet mischievous smile and giggle at the end which is her way if saying "I'm gonna play you two guys like a fiddle and I will have a blast doing it!"

Anonymous said...

There has been a lot of "Hearts and Flowers" and or "Devil with Prada" footage circulating about this show all summer long....all that is very necessary to persuade a diverse audience to tune in. However along with all that, what has me jazzed about this show is a long list of formidable super villains and villainesses most of whom are NEW to movies and TV. Clearly Berlanti's Junta has internalized the notion that a good Superhero Show starts with it's Rogue's Gallery.

Jazzed to see it all....


Anonymous said...

I still haven't been able to see the trailer being in the UK across the pond. It sounds good enough, I just hope the show isn't too cheesy, biased towards the tween girl audience to the point of alienating other groups and There's still a fair share of scepticism and hesitation towards Supergirl, especially since the first image of Red Tornado released looks like a bad Apocalypse or Vision cosplay attempt.


Jay said...

So apparently DC is "rushing" to reissue the New 52 #1 issue to coincide with the show's airing. Because man, this thing she came out of the complete blue and threw everyone in Burbank for a loop. Certainly no time to develop a new comic for her or anything.

Geez I'm in a salty mood today, lol.

Anj said...

So much goodness in the trailer.
Thanks for all the comments!

elknight20 said...
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elknight20 said...

I gif'd the trailer!!!!


I can't wait for this to air!!!!