Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Boston Comic Con 2015: Nick Bradshaw Commission

I finish my review of the 2015 Boston Comic Con by showcasing the last commission I obtained, this one by Nick Bradshaw.

My buddy had got a full figure Starlord commission from Bradshaw last year that was incredible. And I have always liked Bradshaw's art. But I hadn't planned on getting something from Bradshaw because I didn't think he would be available late in the con.

Then I heard that Bradshaw was doing quick and surprisingly affordable head sketches on the last day of the con. So I went to the table to see if he was still doing them.

I have to say, this was pure serendipity. If I hadn't heard about these head sketches from blog friend Firebird, I wouldn't have even approached the table. And yet, here I have this great sketch in my collection.

I love this sort of pensive Supergirl. There is something about the addition of some blush in her cheeks while looking through her hair that harkens back to a younger, simpler Supergirl. And I love that it is done in a maroon color. Just beautiful.

Again, I love the artistic process so I snapped a couple of pics of Bradshaw doing to picture. It is just amazing to a chronic doodler like me to see something beautiful just unfold before my eyes.

And Bradshaw was the nicest guy to talk to.

So overall this was a great convention, as it has been for some time now! It is amazing to see how it has grown. I am continually impressed by the guest list.

This year it was just great to run into long time blog friends in person.

 And one day, maybe, I'll get the grail piece!


Firebird said...

Yay! So glad you were able to get the sketch from Nick.

Diabolu Frank said...

I really enjoy Bradshaw's work, and dig this bust (the red pencil was a nice touch!)