Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Supergirl Television Show In a DC Universe?

I am late to the game I know.

But a couple of weeks ago, Supergirl producer Greg Berlanti let it slip that the Supergirl of the TV show Supergirl could exist in a television DC Universe and cross over with Arrow and the Flash. Here is the link:

And the relevant Supergirl news:

Later in the afternoon at his other officeon the Warner Bros. lot, Berlanti meets with fellow producer Ali Adler and Oscar-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood to go over looks for their upcoming revamp of Supergirl. The show will follow 24-year-old Kara Zor-El, Superman's cousin, and with a twist that that could melt fanboy brains, Berlanti says it's possible this Supergirl could enter the worlds of Arrow and The Flash.

I don't watch Arrow but I do watch the Flash. And it is the upcoming crossover of those 2 shows that will lead me to finally watch an episode of Arrow. The idea of a continuity, a universe, is appealing ... just like it is in comics.

The thing going against this happening is that Supergirl is on CBS and Arrow and The Flash are on the CW. I can't imagine that one network wants to lead viewers to another. But that only needs to happen if there is a true crossover. I can see things like supporting characters and super-villains appear on the other shows. As long as there isn't a 'To Be Continued' on another channel, things should be okay. That would be fantastic.

But the other thing that got me here, that wasn't mentioned in the coverage, is Colleen Atwood helping with costumes. Atwood helps on Arrow. But I expect Supergirl to be more colorful, splashier, a daytime Superhero show rather than Arrow's nighttime street level costumes. Atwood did costumes on Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland, Big Fish, and Lemon Snickety's A Series of Unfortunate Events. The costumes there were fantastic.

I wonder just what she'll do for Supergirl's costume? There better be a classic S-shield.

And given the hint of a Flash/Supergirl team-up, I have a review in mind for next week!


Thomas Hayes said...

Like you I was more interested in the news about Atwood than the crossover possibilites. Atwood designed The Flash's costumes as well. Both shows have pretty good costuming so I'm optimistic! It'll be nice to have a Supergirl costume designed by an actual designer. And a woman, too.

I hope the overlap in talent between the Greg Berlanti shows extends to the special effects house as well, because I've been very pleased with the effects in The Flash so far, and to a lesser extent in Arrow. If Supergirl looks that good, if not better, that'll be brilliant.

Starsaber said...

A crossover isn't as out of the question as you may think. CW is partially owned by CBS.

Anonymous said...

I think I know what Issue Anj will be reviewing...:)

I wanna get excited about this but there are still one hundred ways Greg Berlanti and CBS can screw this up beyond all understanding....


garyb said...

And... the other half ownership of the CW is Warner Brothers.

Bartiemus said...

Sign me up to a connected universe with Flash and Arrow.

The one thing there missing is Aliens and Kara would be a great way to add that.

One caveat though no falling in love with Oliver if she does that i'm out.

Stephen Mitchell said...

Crossovers work both ways. While a network won't want to send viewers to another channel, they are also getting viewers sent to theirs. It's a great way to launch a new series: bring in viewers from another similar show and see who stays the following week.

DVR allows networks to view ratings on a grander scale. It's no longer about first run, it's about premiere + 7. How many people are watching the episode before the next one airs? If someone pulls up the episode on their DVR, two days later, then it's a win.

Looking forward to seeing what kind of costumes are developed. There hasn't been any spandex yet and Supergirl's costume will be the biggest challenge to that change. Also, first female superhero in a lead role on television! Thank you CBS!!

Anj said...

Thanks for all the comments.

Didn't know about CBS' piece of the CW so maybe this is more plausible. And I usually don't think of the DVR part of publicity.

How great a world it is to be a Supergirl fan and talking about this stuff!!

I'll be talking about the casting rumors soon!

garyb said...

oooh, casting rumor: