Thursday, December 11, 2014

Claire Holt Not Expected To Play Supergirl

One of the problems with my site is that I only post once a day so sometimes, based on scheduling, I report 'news' way later than I should. So it took me some time to post about Claire Holt being named as a possible actor to play Supergirl in the upcoming series. I only covered that news a few days ago!

Two days ago, it was reported that Holt is probably not going to get the part. Here is a link to The Hollywood Reporter article:

And here is the noted blurb:
Holt, meanwhile, is among the actresses testing to star in CBS' Supergirl which has a hefty series commitment attached. (Sources tell THR that Holt is not expected to get the part.) The in-demand actress next stars as a series regular in NBC's upcoming Charles Manson drama Aquarius, which has not yet been scheduled.

Since I haven't seen Holt in anything I don't know if I should be upset or not. But it, at least, keeps the rumor mills churning. Sorry for all the Holt fans out there who were hoping she'd be Kara.

It does mean that my first choice, Molly Quinn is still in the running.

I'll do my best to report more rumors in a more timely fashion!


Anonymous said...

Still no love for Casi Thomson eh? Seriously I pity the Casting Director who has to wade thru all the photos and resumes that must be pouring in. Get the lead right is nigh impossible on a super heroine project for ever Lynda Carter there is an Ellie Wood Walker...


Anonymous said...

Would be a good thing if it is not Claire Holt. If you look at her interviews, she's not a good fit. Also, she doesn't look like she has the athleticism to credibly play to credibly play the role. She doesn't really compare to Helen Slater and Laura vandervoot.

Manu said...

Go on, Molly ! :D