Saturday, December 6, 2014

Claire Holt As Supergirl?

I can't believe I live in a world where a live action Supergirl show is being planned. Incredible.

It was crazy enough when it was announced.

But now there are rumors and buzz about the show ... which I believe is over a year away! Rumors! And buzz! About a Supergirl television show! These are great times!

The first casting rumor has been released over on Here is the link where Claire Holt, from the Vampire Diaries, is listed as being 'in contention' for the role of Kara:

And the blurb:
Holt, who plays Rebekah on the CW's “The Vampire Diaries” and its offshoot “The Originals,” is among those testing for the lead role in CBS’s upcoming comic-book adaptation “Supergirl,” an individual familiar with the situation told TheWrap.
Now I will admit that I haven't seen show of film which Holt starred in. So it is hard for me to know whether she has the 'feel' of Supergirl. But there is no denying she has the look of a classic Supergirl. I would love to hear what those who have seen H20 or Vampire Diaries think of this rumor.

I do think it is interesting she is being named. She is listed as being in the cast of the upcoming NBC show Aquarius:

Okay folks! Sound off on this first casting rumor!


Anonymous said...

Well, first she seems to be a marketing rumor to cover up the real finalists...all with no past experience in lead roles, still wet behind the ears. We should be getting real news starting Dec. 15 or so.
I just saw "The Flash" yesterday for the first time in CW. My take on it is simple and can be conveyed in one sentence.
IF THIS IS BERLANTI´S WORK, we should all be getting first class tickets to Heaven next summer. W-hoa!! This is one crazy as a fox dude!!!
All new. All unexpected. All young, bright eyed stars working inside a darkie, drakie matrix with Gothic fog all round them.
& I loved his IRIS!!!
Claire is ok.- a "B+" but I want a AAA...I want one female who is proud to be one. A Godess. A wet dream for all of humanitie´s males for years to come & a role model for females.
And, believe me...Laura Vandervoort placed the bar so damned high it´s a goddam though act to follow. She was /is heaven on earth...
So give them another two weeks. Then let the trumpets sound.
Also, the real news is how they are literally throwing the CBS house out the window for this show. Spare no expenses.
You deserve it, Supergirl... after all, you´re "The world´s greatest heroine"!

Gene said...

"I can't believe I live in a world where a live action Supergirl show is being planned. Incredible."

I'm just glad we all haven't woken up from this beautiful dream we are all having. I am disappointed that Black Widow and She-Hulk are not getting their own solo movies. The fact that a Supergirl show is on the horizon alleviates that let down immensely.

Claire Holt does look promising...


Gear said...

She definitely has the look down, but I'm unfamiliar with the roles she's played so I don't know anything about her acting.

It's absolutely amazing to me that we've having a discussion about a Supergirl show.

Anonymous said...

Would prefer someone new who could be fully identified with the role--like Helen Slater and Laura Vandervoot are. Claire Holt doesn't seem to quite have what's needed for the role.

Bartiemus said...

She looks the part but can she act?

I'm just glad with the show Supergirls book will make it to issue 50 and beyond.

Anonymous said...

I actually am pretty familiar with Holt as I ::cough:: watched The Vampire Diaries for several seasons. (Don't judge! LOL) Not sure how I feel about this. She has screen presence but I don't know if I feel she has the innocence and wonder that I prefer for Kara.

Comparing CW shows, she is not as good on Vampire Diaries as Vandervoot was on Smallville. She wouldn't be the worst casting but, imo, they could do better. But if she :was:: cast it wouldn't be a total disaster. Does that help? :) ---Shades

Manu said...

Like Anonymousa bove, I have been familiar with Claire Holt, as I... cough cough... have watched H2O (don't judge ! LoL too :) when it came out in France, probably because I love all related to sea - and sirens (: P

For my own, she would not be my choice. She looks the part enough, that's right, and she is very athletic which is good (black belt in tae kwon do) but I find her a little bit "cold", or not enough sympathetic or expressive, when I would prefer a more enlighted Supergirl. Someone who brings joy and innocence, when Claire looks serious and mature (in the sense of being an adult). In H2O she seemed less.. how could I say... ? well her partners seemed to bright more in my opinion : especcially Cariba Heine the show seemed sometimes more centered on. And Pheoebe Tonkin stole everything. So I think Claire is good and do her job well, but - sorry to say that - she lacks of something for me.

If I was the casting director, I would pick someone like Dove Cameron who stole all the scenes in her episode of The Mentalist, or my first choice since the beginning, Molly Quinn.

Dove is 18, Molly 21, when Claire already 26. If they plan a three or four seasons lasting serie, I think it would be better to pick someone less than 24. Claire is a woman.

Manu said...

OMG, thousand apologizes for all my english mistakes in my previous message, I should have read it again before clicking... Must have been disturbed by all these pretty young actresses ^^ At my age, it's not serious ! :) ) ) ) )

Anonymous said...

Casting a straight super hero part is a nightmare, casting a super heroine is a double nightmare. For every Helen Slater there is an Alicia Silverstone out there.
Times like this you have to dial back to Bob Maxwell the producer/story editor of ye old "Adventures of Superman" tv show in the early 1950's. They auditioned every muscleman in Hollywood none of them had the chops, Maxwell insisted that they needed an actor first and foremost to play the part....not a bodybuilder. Eventually they cast George Reeves on the strength of his long acting resume and his chiseled profile...soooo taking that notion forward you need an actress who understands she may be playing two separate and distinct characters requiring two separate acting approaches. I don't know Ms Holt's work from a cord of wood...but I will offer up a Kiwi named Cassi Thomson last seen in that awful "Left Behind" movie, she was pretty credible in a thankless part, which to me suggests some chops. And besides she literally looks like a Jim Mooney sketch of Supergirl....:)

Happy Speculatin'


Anj said...

Thanks for all the great comments and info on Holt's prior work. Most of her Google pics seem of the sultry/badgirl vibe. But the look is right.

I would love Quinn.

Great discussion! Thanks again!