Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Supergirl In The Library

I love my town's library.

It is a something of the cultural hub of my sleepy little New England town. It has guest speakers and lectures, acoustic concerts, Downton Abbey tea parties, and great book sales.

My favorite event is the yearly creative writing story contest. Multiple age brackets, poetry and short story categories, and an award ceremony where you can read your entry if you win. I enter every year.

Tonight I discovered one more reason to love the place. I just saw this poster hanging on one of the bulletin boards. It must have been hanging for a while as we are looking at three continuities ago. But how great to see these characters promoting the place.

And this was like looking in an old yearbook. Remember hook hand Aquaman, that Wonder Woman, Kyle Rayner as GL, Azrael, The Ray, Guy Gardner Warrior, Max Mercury ...

And there is Supergirl. This is clearly in the Matrix time period. I don't know how far into the Peter David this would be ... if at all. But seeing this Supergirl made me smile.

The art looks like Dan Jurgens.

Anyways, what a great poster!


Comicbookrehab said...

The presence of Zauriel in his earliest design(next to the Spectre ) hints that this was around 1996, which meant that this was featuring the Matrix / Linda Danvers Supergirl.

It was also nice seeing the Ted Kord Blue Beetle, still free from the bad continuity choices that would plague the character.

Gene said...

They came out with bookmarks of that poster too.


collectededitions said...
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collectededitions said...

The image, which I agree looks to be by Dan Jurgens, was also or originated as a DC Universe puzzle (sorry for the re-post but I originally said "poster"). I have a series of posts where I put the puzzle together, which you might find interesting for more discussion as to where the puzzle fits "in continuity," so to speak:


Anj said...

Thanks for great comments and history behind this image!