Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 Year In Review: Honorable Mentions For Top Supergirl Moments

This week starts my end of year review of all things Supergirl.

What a difference a year makes!

Looking back at my 2013 end of year review posts, '13 was a tough year for Supergirl. I barely had enough 'best of' moments for Supergirl to fill a top ten list. In fact, it was easier to fill my 'worst of' list.

Here I am, looking back at 2014 and I realized that the Supergirl character is in such a better place just 12 months later. Gone is the 'really dark' take by Michael Alan Nelson who killed off Supergirl in her own book. Gone is the angry, icy brat that Scott Lobdell wrote. And, luckily, H'El was no where to be seen in 2014.

Instead, we have had Charles Soule and Tony Bedard make Kara a 'Red Lantern', a move I strongly questioned when it was announced, and use that story to redeem Supergirl, to show her the cost of rage, to remind her of who she is. We had Tony Bedard bring her back to Earth but had her rediscover the role of daughters of El. We had Jeff Lemire add her to a Justice League book, making her the muscle of the team. And we just started a new direction by K. Perkins and Mike Johnson, a team that built on the growth of Soule/Bedard, keeping Kara grounded on Earth, while sending her into space.

And, we have seen Supergirl drawn by fantastic artists - Emanuela Lupacchino, Jim Calafiore, Alessandro Vitti, Mike McKone, and Neil Edwards.

As always ... AS ALWAYS ... the true character of Supergirl ends of rising out of the ashes of 'dark' takes. Whether it is by Peter David or Sterling Gates or Tony Bedard or K. Perkins and Mike Johnson, the character of Supergirl always seems to reset to where she should be, a young hero striving to do good and learning on the way.

On to the five Honorable Mentions for the Top Supergirl Moments of 2014.

Honorable Mention #5 - Any Supergirl moment in Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse

The DC work by Franco and Art Baltazar have always been great fun. Tiny Titans was a great primer for the young reader. Superman Family Adventures was a perfect introduction to the Superman family and was the best Superman book being put out while it lasted.

Last year we had Tiny Titans:Return to the Treehouse, a mini-series which had the Titans looking for their headquarters which had been shrunk and stolen by Brainiac.

While Supergirl didn't have a lot of moments in the series, I loved every time she appeared.

Honorable Mention #4: 'I'm here to help' from Supergirl #34

She had just rid herself of the Red Ring. She had met a young man she was developing feelings for. She had accepted Earth as her new home.

And then Doomed happened.

Despite Kryptonite being in the atmosphere, Supergirl rushes to the outskirts of Metropolis to help those injured when the citizens there went comatose. Remember, at this point, Superman isn't exactly popular and is being viewed negatively.

And yet, Supergirl arrives and tells the first responders she is there to help, a classic Superman line. We see her going around the city helping as much as she can, and being thanked.

It was great to see Supergirl acting like the hero, doing this despite being weakened by the K, and being recognized for her help. Tony Bedard had redeemed her.

Honorable Mention #3: 'We were in awe of you'  from Supergirl Futures End #1

The Futures' End issue was something of a mixed bag. It starts with Supergirl brainwashed and mutilated by the Cyborg Superman, vowing to help transform Earth for Brainiac. In the end, she sheds her robot parts and becomes the hero again.

Part of the impetus was running into Captain Comet again, her future significant other. We learn in the future Supergirl leads a new version of The Wanderers. She is the leader of intergalactic heroes. And the team is in awe of her. In awe of her!

It reminded me of James Peaty's storyline where Damien Wayne said Kara earned his respect and Miss Martian said the young heroes held her in high esteem.

At least at one point, the future was bright.

Honorable Mention #2 - 'First kiss' in Supergirl #34

The problem with Supergirl in the early years of the book was that she seemed to hate Earth. She wanted to be away from people in her Sanctuary. She would sacrifice the universe to get Krypton back. She would turn away from everyone in anger.

So nothing said that Earth was now accepted and home for Supergirl than some romance in Supergirl #34. Here she met Michael, someone who had overcome some tragedy in his life, remained positive, and vowed to be the best he could be. He was someone who helped Supergirl early in the issue.

After helping in Metropolis, she returns to Michael and thanks him, giving him a kiss.

Long time Supergirl fans know she often falls for the wrong person. Nothing wrong here.

Honorable Mention #1: 'Laughing with Siobhan' from Supergirl #29

Okay, maybe that kiss wasn't the first time we saw Kara seem at home on Earth. But that kiss was after Red Daughter, after Doomed, after all that stuff.

But here, in Supergirl #29, we saw a flashback when Kara was living with Siobhan. The two were great friends and I loved this scene where Supergirl is laughing with her buddy, so happy she is buckled over. It showed that Tony Bedard knew that Supergirl couldn't be all anger, all disaffected, all isolated. It was a good beginning ...

Tomorrow I'll review the top ten Supergirl comic moments of 2014!


Anonymous said...

If that's your Honorable Mentions list, can't wait to see what the Top Ten are! Definately finding the title and Supergirl herself in a MUCH happier place.

To TPTB for 2015, do NOT backtrack/backpedal from where you are right now PLEASE! It just simple DOES NOT WORK!

Otherwise, see everyone on the other side of 2K15!


Bartiemus said...

So many great moments where I just like **** yes this is the Supergirl I know and love.

Considering we she started at 2014 and where she is now amazing.

Anj said...

Thanks for comments.

Top ten tomorrow!