Thursday, December 18, 2014

Merry Christmas Mike Maihack Style

We are one week away from Christmas and I feel like I got an early present when Mike Maihack posted his latest Batgirl/Supergirl comic on his site:

I have loved Maihack's take on the characters - the overly serious Batgirl who is probably hiding a warm heart and the overly bubbly Supergirl who is looking to have fun while battling crime.

So this one really warmed the heart. To see Supergirl in her 'winter costume', singing carols in a sort of 'trick-or-treat' modality, hoping to get sweets is great. I mean look at Kara's face in that middle row ... pure joy.

So much joy that she even melts the heart of the big bad Batman, seen only as an imposing shard of black.

That is the power of Supergirl and the power of happiness. Even an Ebenezer like the Dark Knight can't help but melt. And Babs 'seriously' is a perfect retort. She probably hasn't seen *that* Batman before.

As always, thanks to Mike Maihack for providing these sweet treats for us fans. They are the candy cane of comics!


Anonymous said...

These never ever fail to lift my spirits....BTW is it me or did "Batman" just kill "Jingle Bells"??


Gene said...

These never disappoint. :)

Anj said...

How about an ongoing?

Or a monthly 'one page' that appears in the back of some DC books?

Pretty please?

Anonymous said...

....aah, such a blast to the past with the old Jingle Bells / Batman Smells / Robin Laid A Egg tune... and I had a huge grin seeing
Batman step within earshot of that... and an even bigger grin when he just says "I like your costume."

Don't know if anyone else caught it but Mike Maihack had a sale of his prints (that I missed again)... I'd SO love to get the whole
Supergirl / Batgirl set!

That suggestion can't be seconded enough!


Anonymous said...

More evidence that people like a happy Supergirl. Just like Superman the Animated Series and Justice League Unlimited and the Pre-Crisis Supergirl.

Anonymous said...

Another great thing about this is the raw power of Supergirl. She casually cleaned up all of the crime in Gotham...something that the Batman and Batgirl could not do. But she doesn't feel the need to brag about or emphasize it.