Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sales Review: November 2014

Comic sales for November 2014 were released earlier this week and the numbers are somewhat interesting to review. As always, my go-to site for sales is ICv2. Here is the link:

For me, it was interesting to see Spiderman and the Spider-verse comics dominating the top of the sales chart. Outside of the Spider-Gwen origin issue, I haven't bought any of those books. I can't remember the last time I bought a Spiderman comic monthly. I think the Jenkins/Ramos Spectacular book a dozen years ago?

And given the possible Marvel reboot I am hearing about as well as the released DC purging of titles (reviewed later this week), these sales are interesting.

On to the focused sales review.

Supergirl #36 was released last month, the first issue of the 'bold new direction' by K. Perkins and Mike Johnson. DC certainly did a great job of pushing the new team with interviews of the creators on all the usual sites.

More importantly for me, the book built on what Charles Soule and Tony Bedard had done to the character. It wasn't so much bold and new, although heading to Crucible is a wrinkle. The heroic Kara, embracing Earth is the norm now. And this issue cemented that, even having Kara talking sternly to Clark about his duties.

I don't know if I should be surprised but this issue sold more than the last. Supergirl #35 sold 26,371. Supergirl #36 sold 28,373. Is that because stores anticipated more sales because of the new team? Did more people tell their stores they were going to pick up the title? Was a Lego variant responsible for the uptick in sales? Who knows?

But the fact that sales are up is always a very good thing.

I usually use this space to discuss a book which isn't selling well in hopes of spreading the word. But DC seems to be cancelling all their lower titles ... especially the ones I collect!

So instead I thought I would trumpet a book selling moderately well that should be higher on the charts.

I have loved the Justice League United book, its approach to stories with a mix of modern angst and Silver Age themes. Supergirl, while a bit 'bull-headed' is clearly the muscle of the book. And now we have a Legion worth reading!

This book is selling very well for the current market, selling over 34K.

But this is a Justice League book. DC is probably expecting huge sales. I worry that this book isn't meeting expectations.

Tell everyone to read this book!

Anyways, congrats to K. Perkins, Mike Johnson, and Emanuela Lupacchino for their work on the book and the increased sales!


AndNowInStereo said...

Sometimes it's good when I'm proven wrong ;)

Anonymous said...

Glad for the sales bump for Supergirl... though admittedly I've yet to pick up my copy as I was on vacation the last couple weeks. Must... get... SG #36...

All the other news popping up... Supergirl TV casting, variant covers, and yes the interviews with the (new) creative team and artist... well, it's made me (more) hopeful... PLEASE tell me it's only going up from now on!


Bartiemus said...

Yay looks like we can have nice things.

With JLU I think it was a mistake to re introduce the legion so soon. Don't get me wrong I am enjoying it but when you have a bunch of B listers on a team where only two of them actually have there own book Supergirl and Arrow I would think you would take the time to introduce every one to a wider audience.

As it stands there are so many people in JLU right now everyone gets a few lines per issue and that's that.

I know Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire are huge fans of the legion so maybe we will see a re launch after convergence

Anj said...

Thanks for comments.

Definitely glad to see the bump.

I suppose JLU feels a bit crowded right now but I love the Legion and I am loving *this* Legion. So I am dealing!