Tuesday, April 19, 2011

HERO Initiative and JLA #50

I've talked about the HERO Initiative in the past, a charity to help provide for comic book creators in need. It is a great organization, worthy of support. One of the fund-raising events they are currently doing is having comic creators doing sketch covers for Justice League of America #50. Here is a link to the Initiative's page on this event: http://www.heroinitiative.org/NewsDetail.asp?NewsId=259

I have talked about this project here and here. on the blog, showcasing some of the covers I have come across already. I figured I would showcase a couple more that include Supergirl and are lovely. If I recall, 100 covers will be done overall. People can bid for the original. But I also think a booklet showcasing the covers is also being made. I will probably purchase one of those. But on to the covers.

This cover is by Art Baltazar of Tiny Titans fame. I love this cover for a number of reasons. I like that Baltazar has drawn Donna and Kara at their correct age and not in the Tiny Titan age bracket. And yet, he has kept the floating Supergirl motif intact. And it is another 'full blue shirt' variant of the current Supergirl costume. Love the Gwen Stacy headband Supergirl is wearing too!

JG Jones is another one of those artists who I would love to get a commission from some day. This is an interesting composition with Batman and Jess Quick in the foreground. Dick almost looks perplexed.

That is one fierce Donna Troy. But I think Supergirl has a sort of quiet grace and strength here.

Jim Valentino of Image fame has a nice idea here with the original big 7 looking over as the current JLA literally busts out of the cover. It is a riff on Giant Size X-Men #1 with Valentino giving props to one of the masters Gil Kane on this cover.

Chris Ivy does this version of the cover with Supergirl having a prominent presence in the lower left corner.

One thing I like about these covers is that the artist has complete control. There are plenty showcasing the original team or one member or another. In this cover, it is the current team but also Red Tornado and Cyborg. Maybe Ivy really likes those guys?

Lastly, I had to include this cover even though it doesn't have Supergirl. Gene Ha is doing the art for the upcoming Flashpoint:Project Superman mini-series. He draws a powerful and angry warrior Donna here as she bears down to engage with a barely seen foe. I don't know if I like Donna always being angry. But I thought this was a strong piece of art.

I can't wait to see all the covers.

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