Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cover Girls Of The DC Universe Supergirl Statue

I was finally able to add the  Cover Girls of the DC Universe Supergirl statue to my collection this week. After a nearly 2 month delay from initial release date, the statue finally arrived at my local comic book store.

It was worth the wait.

Based on a design by Adam Hughes, the statue is really a lovely piece. There is a very dynamic feel to the statue as Supergirl seems to be erupting from the statue's base, chunks of rock flying all around her.

While Hughes is best known for 'good girl' or cheesecake art, this is much more of a heroic and dynamic piece. And best of all, it has Supergirl in my favorite version of her costume

A view from above better illustrates the beauty of the statue as Supergirl is looking up to the heavens as she emerges from the ground. The face her is very natural and has an almost determined expression. The hair has nice detailing.

Really, this pose is something I would expect to see more in a Superman statue ... a fist thrust skyward, the other fist cocked and ready to fly ... a sort of 'up,up, and away' pose. So I am glad that the same action pose was used with Supergirl. It really is slick.

I thought I would include a couple of shots from the side so everyone can get a sense of the whole statue. One thing I liked was the inclusion of the rock shards affixed to Supergirl's boots, again adding to the feeling of a kinetic burst of rubble as she escapes.

And the reverse angle, here you better see a chunk of stone by her knee. You also can better appreciate that her left foot is still basically in the ground, as if she has just just torn through the base.

This statue works on so many levels that I think it will probably become one of my favorite pieces in my collection. From the pose, to the costume, to the beauty and majesty of Supergirl, this one clicks on all cylinders.

If you are a Supergirl fan and are thinking of buying a statue and $99 isn't too pricey, this is the one I would get.

It will be a while before something new comes out to add to the collection, so I will probably post an updated look at my Supergirl stuff next week.


TalOs said...

Man that is truly one all so beautiful and powerful pictured Supergirl (and she's in her '84/Matrix themed costume to boot) statue! WOW!!!

PTB up at DC should seriously consider combining both the Turner and '84 movie costume into giving us all a new 21st century era more iconic inspired look for our girl!

PS: Anj: slightly off topic here but have you been having any posters sending you e-mails regarding posts not appearing on your blog after being submitted via the use of either Nintendos' Wii or Playstations' PS3 systems? :-/

valerie21601 said...


Anonymous said...

Nice piece.

Gene said...

My favorite Supergirl statue so far.

I wish Mattel would make a DC Universe Supergirl figure in that costume.

Michelle said...

Here's hoping mine comes in this week - it's been a long wait! Very glad to hear that it's as beautiful in person as the prototype shown online.