Saturday, April 9, 2011

DC Retro-Active

 WonderCon happened last week in San Francisco and seemed like a great show to attend. DC was pretty tight lipped about the post-Flashpoint DCU making most of the covered panels pretty low key. Sadly, in all the coverage I read, there was no mention of Supergirl at all. I was hoping for something!

One thing that was announced was three one shots called DC Retroactive. There is a nice rundown over on CBR here:

The Retro-Active issues bring together past creative teams on DC's major titles and have them write a story in the style of their respective decade. There will be an issue each representing the‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s.

According to DC Comics here is the writer lineup:

Now I'll date myself a bit. But I grew up reading comics in the 70s. I began more seriously collecting in the 80s and became a hard core collector in the 90s. So I am excited about these issues so that I can relive a little bit of my youth. I can't wait to read O'Neil GL, Pasko Superman, Conway JLA, and Barr Batman. I'll also say that I liked the Messner-Loebs Wonder Woman run with Artemis so there is a lot to like here.

Of course, these issues seem targeted for people my age. I wonder what newer readers will think of this.

I also like the snazzy logos as seen above.

The CBR article also has a nice discussion with 90s Superman team Louise Simonson and Jon Bogdanove and 80s Superman writer Marv Wolfman. Here are some blurbs (in blue) from that article.

Simonson and Bogdanove spoke enthusiastically about the plot of their new story for the ‘90s “Superman” one-shot, entitled “Speed.”

“The back-story is that Superman has already fought Doomsday, died, gotten better, and has just arrived home from a space adventure; Lex Luthor Jr. (actually a clone with the original Lex Luthor’s brain) is in the early throes of a devastating disease that is affecting the clones of Metropolis. Luthor has begun to age rapidly and is sliding into madness,” said Simonson when asked to explain what her all-new 26-page story would entail.

“For the continuity buffs out there, the ‘90s was the era of five interlocked Superman titles – our story in ‘Superman: Retro-Active’ takes place between pages, about halfway through ‘Man of Steel’ #31,” the writer added.

I used to collect all five Superman titles back then. I'll have to do some digging to see if I can find this issue in my collection. If I can find it, I'll do a review to give the framework of this new story.

“We may even be able to fit in an appearance by Steel,” said Simonson before adding, “Our ‘90s continuity was nothing if not…complex.”

I have met Louise Simonson at a couple of conventions and she is such a nice person. I got to talk to her a bit at last year's Boston Comic-Con about Supergirl and her Superman run. I hope she can fit Steel in as he was her 'new Superman' in the Reign of the Supermen arc.

Bogdanove revealed he was working hard to make the one-shot look as close to his early ‘90s work as possible, taking into consideration his growth as an artist over the intervening years. “I am using my powers as a chameleon artist to imitate myself!” he told CBR, adding “Weezie [Simonson] specifically requested big-shoulder fashions for Lois and I'm really enjoying her old Elizabeth Shue hairstyle.”

Should be a hoot to see Bogdanove's over the top style on Superman again as well.

Switching to the 70s “Superman,” Marv Wolfman hinted to CBR that his story would involve many of his original and famous “Superman” characters, and take place during the 1980s.

“What I'm doing is picking up on a story I had written back in the ‘80s, featuring a character who is quite famous now and then turning everything we know on its head – I am using DC continuity from the ‘80s onward in a story firmly rooted back then,” said Wolfman before mysteriously adding, “Oh, yeah…there is also a major surprise at the end which will make this a little bit different from what anyone expects.”

Wolfman stated that his new story would have many elements of his ‘80s run – complete with captions and editorial notes – but his ultimate aim was to tell a good story. “I think the plot will feel like an ‘80s plot, but it's subtly not. I am hoping people will think it gives the feel of an ‘80s story without looking back on those days with the irony of nearly 30 years passing,” said Wolfman.

Hmm ... any guesses on the character that is now famous?

I am going to guess the Monitor or the Anti-Monitor.

As this is the 80s (and I suppose the same holds true for the 70s Superman with Marty Pasko) Supergirl is still around in the DCU. I can only hope that she shows up in these Superman Retro-Active issues.

The issues are going to be released over the summer.


Anonymous said...

What is Marv Wolfman's big plan, kill Supergirl off again? That is all I expect out of that guy, bad karma.

John Feer

Gene said...

Here's my "fantasy football" list of DC Retroactive Supergirl comics I'd like to see:

The 70's
Paul Levitz writes a Supergirl/Legion of Superheroes team up.

The 80's
Paul Kupperberg writes another Daring New Adventures story.

The 90's
Peter David writes to tell us whatever happened to Linda Danvers.

Diabolu Frank said...

Great list, Gene!

I love this. The logos are great, the creative teams are shaping up nicely, and I have to wonder if I should just trade wait the whole thing. I kind of wish Bog would work in his current style to strut his stuff, but he should do great regardless.

Diabolu Frank said...

... oh, and it's totally Cat Grant, I figure.

Anonymous said...

Would love a book with 90's Linda. She was deeper than current Kara.

Would also love an 80's take, with straight-forward Superhero fun.

Current Kara has been too watered down since issue #20. I dropped the book a long time back, and have not been in a rush to get back.

Coloman said...

Man, DC is putting out a ton of extra books this summer between all the Flashpoint spin-offs and this.

Anj said...

Thanks for the comments.

Great ideas for a Supergirl Retroactive Gene!

Martin Pasko said...

FYI, Supergirl appears in the '70s Retro-Active Superman title written by yours truly and drawn by Eduardo Barreto (with help from Christian Duce).

Martin Pasko

Anj said...

Umm ... holy cow ... Thanks so much for dropping by here. I have been a fan for just about forever and have reviewed a number of your books here (like Action 500) and elsewhere (The 1st Issue Special Dr. Fate story on the DC Bloodlines blog). I am now very eagerly looking forward to the 70s Superman book!