Thursday, April 7, 2011

Brian Wood Taking Over Supergirl

Over on Bleeding Cool, Rich Johnston has posted that Brian Wood is going to take over Supergirl some time within the next few months. Here is the link:

With James Peaty's storyline almost over and Kelly Sue DeConnick already saying she is on for just a three-parter, I have to look upon this as good news. Hopefully the phrase 'take over as writer' means that Wood will be on the book for longer than an arc.

After being worried that DeConnick's last issue would have the 'final issue' tag, to hear even a rumor that the DC is planning more on the title makes me optimistic. And I promised optimism here!

As for Wood himself, I will admit that the only thing I have read of his was the recent Vertigo Demo 2 mini-series he did with Becky Cloonan. But

I absolutely loved this mini-series. Demo featured 'done in one' sort of Twilight Zone stories that focused on people's relationships. What was amazing to me was the amount of depth Wood was able to give his characters in the span of one short issue. So whether it was the obsession of the woman in Demo 2 #1 as she careens to a predestined event, or the struggle with morbid addiction of the man in Demo 2 #2, or the obsessive-compulsive behavior of the woman in Demo 2 #3 (my favorite issue of the series), Wood made these characters three-dimensional. And there was always, always just a hint of tragedy and sadness there, something which made the Smiths-playing Anj happy. Add to that Becky Cloonan's work (which I love) and this book was a winner. I highly highly recommend it.

I have only heard good things about the other titles Brian Wood has worked on like DMZ, Northlanders, and New York Five as well. So this announcement sounds like the shot in the arm this book has needed.

Of course, it is still just a rumor on Bleeding Cool and since I am not reading a Jamal Igle penciled Birds of Prey, I have to take it with a grain of salt. But I'll remain optimistic.


Saranga said...

The boyfriend has a copty of Demo upstairs, so I will be reading that tonight!
I am now avoiding twitter until I have read Brightest Day, I don't want spoilers.

stuorstew said...

This really is excellent news. Brian Wood is an extremely good writer and has shown through Local and New York Four/Five (among others) that he can write convincing female characters so, if true, Kara is in very good hands indeed.

valerie21601 said...

I am hoping Kara finally has a steady regular writer that's good for her.

Anonymous said...

Do you suppose that DC is using the Supergirl title to attract and foster new creative talent from the unconventional comics to their mainstream ones? Supergirl can be a challenging character to write, but her place in the Superman universe would be enough to encourage and inspire a burgeoning new writer and artist.


Anj said...

Thanks for the comments.

I went out and got the first 2 issues of New York Five to read some more of Wood and liked it alot.

I hope this is true and he has a long tenure.