Saturday, April 16, 2011

Two Weeks To Boston Comic-Con

The Boston Comic Con is two weeks away and I will be attending both days.

I have been going to this Con since it's inception and have blogged about it here over the last couple of years. It is absolutely amazing to me just how much this convention has grown over the last couple of years. On prior posts, I used to be able to rattle off the short list of guests. Now that list is too long and too fantastic. Here is a link to the convention's home page where you can see everybody who is going to be there:

As I have done before, I figured I would list my commission hopes.

There are a lot of 'big names' that are going to be at this convention and I usually pick one that I am going to try my hardest to get something from. So while I would love to get a Frank Quitely or an Art Adams or a J. Scott Campbell Supergirl, the creator who I want to get something from the most is Darwyn Cooke. I am definitely in a retro-phase and no one captures that better than Cooke. I love this design for the convention's t-shirt done by Cooke.

So I am going to run to Cooke's table first in hopes that he is doing commissions.

In the 'pipe dream' column, I will also try to get my name on Adam Hughes' commission list. Just getting onto the potential list isn't guaranteed. Then I have to hope that Hughes will pick my suggestion off that list. I have never tried to get on his list before so I would consider this the equivalent of winning the lottery if it happened.

I also am going to do everything I can to get a Dave Johnson commission as well.

There are lots of other artists there whose stuff I love: Matt Wagner, Oliver Nome, and Cheeks Galloway to name a couple. And any time I have the opportunity to beg and plead with Frank Cho for a commission, I will. This convention will be no different.

Commission plans never go the way I plan them to so I am thrilled that I have a lot of names to fall back on who I would love to have in my collection. It is fantastic that Boston, my town, has such a great and growing convention.

I'll try to blog during the convention and will definitely give wrap-up posts when it is over.


Anonymous said...

Hughes draws such a beautiful Supergirl. The image of her on the asteroid from your banner is so iconic. I wish that was how Supergirl was drawn in the books over the past few years-- I'd never have left the book were that the case. Good luck with the commission.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you know you want a Supergirl commission from Gahan Wilson!!!!


John Feer