Monday, April 25, 2011

Fund Raiser For Jake Black

Comics have been a big part of most of my life, providing me with entertainment, escapism, education, and even a sense of right and wrong. So if I can give a little something back to the industry by promoting a good cause on this site, I will. In the past I have talked about Ordinary People Change the World and their fundraising to save the Siegel house. I have promoted the HERO Initiative as well.

I recently learned that a fund-raising site has been set up for comic writer Jake Black to help with his medical bills. Here is a link to the site:

Black was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2008, fought the cancer, and won. That battle left him with $25,000 in medical bills. Black is hoping to raise money to help him with those costs. The site allows people to directly donate with the click of a button. As they say, every little bit helps.

I am a fan of Black and his work. He is definitely a Supergirl fan, having written with Helen Slater the great back-up story in Supergirl #50. I talk about the story in depth here; it was a wonderful story showing what a hero Supergirl is.

He also wrote the book that accompanies the Eaglemoss Supergirl figurine.

And he wrote the Supergirl documentary included in the Smallville Season 7 DVD set and re-presented on the Superman/Batman Apocalypse DVD.

Black hopes to give something back to the people who donate by giving out weekly prizes like Batgirl issues signed by Bryan Q Miller. The first prize (for the week of 4/25-4/30) is a copy of Supergirl #50 signed by Black and Helen Slater. Now that is awesome.

 Details about the fundraising site, prizes, as well as other news can be found on the fund-raising website above as well as Black's blog here: I hope people check out the site and give if they can.

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