Monday, March 28, 2011

George Perez Hero Initiative Justice League #50 Cover

I have posted before about the HERO Initiative's auctioning off sketch variant covers of Justice League of America #50 in the past here. The HERO Initiative have done a great job in getting superstar artists to do these covers with the plan to auction them off at some point. The plan also is to create a booklet with all the artists cover shown so that even if you can't afford the real thing, you can still gaze dreamily at the art.

I for one have been fascinated by the composition of these covers. Some people do pure 'Big 7' in heroic poses, others in action shots, others show the current team.

My thanks to super-blog DC Women Kicking Ass for bringing this great cover by George Perez to my attention.Thanks so much! Here is that link:

Perez talks about briefly on his site as well here:

Perez has always been a master of composition and this cover is no exception. I love how he has Batman, a character which is in both the classic and current team rosters anchoring the middle of the book with the other heroes from each version of the team on the sides.

While I know Starman and Congorilla are on the current team, I am sort of glad they aren't on this cover. It really gives a sort of mirror image feel to the cover ... the 'Big 7' on one side, the current roster on the other. Jesse Quick and Flash are in similar spots on the cover as are the Hal Jordan/Jade pair. And that is old school Jade! Looks like she hopped off the cover of Infinity Inc.!

It is interesting to note that Supergirl is where Wonder Woman is, while Donna Troy is in Superman's mirror spot. My guess is Perez simply likes drawing those 2 characters and so wanted to give them prime real estate. But I wonder if Perez thinks Kara is more like Diana than Clark. Hmmm ....

Anyways, as I always say, HERO Initiative is a great charity so help out if you can. I hope to buy the cover book when it comes out and will share any more great covers I see.


Anonymous said...

That is one gorgeous Supergirl!


Anj said...

I know.

I loved Perez stuff with the current Supergirl in the early Brave and Bold issues.