Friday, March 25, 2011

Bernard Chang Drawing Supergirl

Here is some great news for Supergirl fans in California.


SUPERGIRL artist Bernard Chang will be relocating his drawing table to the friendly confines of DJ's Universal Comics in Studio City, CA. From March 23-27, Chang will be working "in house" on actual pages from his upcoming issue of the teenage Krytonian superhero. This is a great opportunity to come see an actual comic book being created in person, as well as checking out one of the best local comic book shops in Los Angeles.

"Rarely do people ever see an actual page in progress," said Chang, "and Cat Jercan (owner) was gracious enough to let me set up shop in his store to share this process with fans. I use to live down the street from his former location and always thought it would be a cool idea to actually create a comic book in a comic book store."

For more information, call Cat @ 818-761-3465. DJ's Universal Comics is located at 11390 Ventura Blvd #9 (on the second level above Fat Jacks, at the intersection of Tujunga and Ventura), Studio City, CA 91604 or go online @ and

That sounds like such a great opportunity. I love the process of comics, so to watch thumbnails turn to sketching turn to finished pencils is a dream of mine. At conventions, I often will stop and watch the artists do commissions, as they decide on the pose of the patient, rough it out, then finish.

Add to that the bonus of catching a sneak peek of the upcoming Supergirl book and I would be there all day.

I caught up with Bernard Chang too late in Baltimore to get a commission but I tell you, if he is at a convention I am attending, he'll be at the top of my list. His stuff on Supergirl right now is just beautiful.

Anyways, if any blog friends go to this place while Chang is there, please let us know here how cool it was.


Fix PC Games Admin said...

will let you know if I will

Firebird said...

Hi there again. I actually posted news about Bernard Chang coming to DJ Universal Comics in the March 21, 2011 comment section. I guess it went ignored. I just wanted everyone to know that I went to see him today and it was an absolute pleasure speaking to him. While I can't reveal any news about the upcoming issue he was working on. Of which I myself only know little about by the way. I will say that I got to contribute a little idea that he may or may not use in the issue which for any fan, is an absolute dream come true. As I said in my last post here. I am not the owner of DJ Universal Comics. I'm just a friend of the owner and I will be heading back to the store to see Bernard again tomorrow so before I head out, if there's anyone that may have any questions to ask. I'll try and see if I can get them answered for you. No guarantees though. Oh by the way. Bryan Q Miller, writer of Batgirl happened to stop by the store today as I found out that he is a frequent customer at the store as well!

Anonymous said...

Ugh. If that's an example of his art/take on Supergirl - torso stretched out of all shape, painfully thin - I won't welcome the change on the comic at all. Rats.

Martin Gray said...

Cheers Firebird, feel free to just give Bernard my thanks for all his work - and tell him I love the way he made Linda Lang a stylish lass ... she looked great this issue!

Firebird said...

Got back from another fun-filled day with Bernard. Said thanks and even mentioned the Supergirl Comic Box Commentary Blog to him. Oh and Anj. I told him that you still hope to get a commission from him the next time you see him. He still remembers that.

Anj said...

Thanks so much Firebird for letting us know about this and giving us updates.

I am still jealous that you are getting to do this. I know ou can't give particulars, but are the pages you've seen action scenes? Quieter moments?

Are you seeing the whole process from rough thumbnails to finished work?

And thanks for mentioning the blog to him!

TalOs said...

I'm so jealous lol! XP

Firebird said...

Just got back again from seeing Bernard. Unfortunately, this was his last day at the store but nevertheless, this is one weekend I'll never forget. To answer your questions Anj. I really can't reveal any minute details about what pages of the story I saw so I deeply apologize for that but as for the process behind the creation of the book. What I saw were mainly script dialogues to layouts to rough thumbnails being drawn. That's it. No finished work since there were quite a gathering of fans in the store that wanted to talk to Bernard and get sketches from him as well. Also, I got to discuss little plot points about the book with him as there were details that even he was unsure of, and that for me was the cream of the crop of the whole process. Hope that gave you an idea as to how fun that must have been.

Saranga said...

@firebird: I'm jealous! sounds great :)

Anj said...

Still jealous Firebird.

I know you couldn't share any of the plot points. But I bet it was great just to see the whole thing happen.