Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Cover For Supergirl #62

A new cover for Supergirl #62 has been posted on the DC Comics website. Mahmud Asrar is the artist and he also posted the cover on his blog here:

I like the piece, Supergirl taking point as she, Robin, and Blue Beetle face off against some of Alex's robots. The S-shield seems a little off, but I like Kara's pose as she braces for an attack. This could easily be the cover for the upcoming trade of this arc.

I only know Asrar's work from the Jeff Lemire Atom back-up feature in Adventure Comics but I can remember thinking he had a nice style.

Of course the new cover means that this initial cover solicit by Amy Reeder isn't going to be on the issue. I like this piece too. But the Asrar piece clearly is linked to the internal story while this Reeder piece could be on almost any issue or just be a pin-up.

Much like the other un-used Reeder cover for Supergirl #61, I hope this makes it into the trade in a cover gallery of sorts.


Martin Gray said...

Wow, I love the way Mahmud does Kara's face - gorgeous stuff. It could be that Amy's fine illo is an inventory piece that will pop up again and again as early solicits demand!

Anonymous said...

As much as I love the current arc, I'm still bummed they dropped Batgirl from it. I hope it stays strong and DC makes some sort of announcement about whether this team is going to stay on the book or not soon.

Anonymous said...

I know the arc in JL:Generation Lost is done but didn't Blue Beetle just get killed.

Anonymous said...

And why si Amy Reeder's every Supergirl cover getting canned??


John Feer

Nikki said...

They weren't replaced John. They were solicited with Amy's prelim sketches. So even with Batgirl it would have had to have been redrawn last issue. The one solicited with this obviously wasn't to the standard of cover art and the composition is completely inappropriate anyway.

Next issue was solicited with the complete cover (Kara in the grip of an unseen foe). The issue after was solicited using interior art from 61 so that will have a new cover too.

Maybe Batwoman is keeping Amy a bit too busy.

Anj said...

Thanks for the comments.

I love Reeder's work so hope she'll be able to keep up with the covers. The Asrar cover is great though. Glad the new cover was worthy.

I did find out that the original solicit picture is actual Jamal Igle art (obvious now that I know it).

Anonymous said...

I think Reeder and Igle are similar in style when It comes to drawing iconic characters. I just miss Reeder's awesome covers. Her Bizzaro Supergirl/Supergirl ( I call it "the ying yang cover" ^_^.) was awesome! -ealperin