Monday, March 14, 2011

Flashpoint Mini-Series

DC has finally released the information regarding the creative teams of the remaining announced Flashpoint mini-series. Much like I did with Blackest Night, I will not get all the mini-series and one-shots. Instead I will pick and choose ones based on characters and/or creative teams.

Here are the ones that I think I am going to end up buying.

Covers: Gene Ha
Plot by: Scott Snyder
Script: Lowell Francis
Art: Gene Ha

The tag line is 'They experimented on him for years'. Given the cover, the presumption is that Superman's rocket didn't land in Kansas but instead demolished Metropolis. I guess that means it wasn't the kindly Kents but some nefarious scientists find Kal unharmed in the rocket. This theme has been played out a lot in various Elseworlds before.

Still, I have heard nothing but great things about Scott Snyder. I don't get American Vampire of Detective so this will be my first time reading his work. I am looking forward to it. And Gene Ha is just fantastic.

I guess my obvious question is will Supergirl be part of this new timeline?

Covers: Eddy Nunez and Sandra Hope
Writer: Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning
Art: Eddy Nunez

The tag line here is 'She is ready to reveal the Amazons' secret.' I would probably get this book regardless of whoever the creative team was. I am a sucker for a good solo Lois Lane story. But Lois leading a resistance force, even better. But much like hearing Snyder was writing the Superman book, the writers here is makes this a bigger draw. It has been a while since I have read a DnA book but I have never been dissatisfied.

I only know Eddy Nunez from his work with Ale Garza. And this cover certainly has a Garza flavor to it.

Covers: Francis Manapul
Writer: Sterling Gates
Art: Oliver Nome

The tag line is 'Where is he? Or should we say when?'This is one of those books that I am getting solely for the creative team. Hurrah! We have a Sterling Gates sighting. I know Gates is a huge Flash fan and a huge Bart fan so this should be great. I don't know Oliver Nome's stuff. But I am a big fan of Francis Manapul, so nice to see him on covers.

I don't think this is Gates' 'secret project' so I will still wait to hear about that.

Covers: George Perez
Writer Peter Milligan
Art: George Perez and Scott Koblish

The tagline is 'One among them will betray them all!' This is one that I was not expecting to grab but there is so much unexpected goodness here, I have to get it. First off, I loved .... and I mean LOVED ... Peter Milligan's Vertigo Shade the Changing Man. That was mind-blowing great stuff. So how could I not get this mini-series, especially since Shade is manifesting a warped appearance like he did in the original Steve Ditko series ... another series I love. But add to that The Enchantress ... June Moon ... in the background! She has a history with the Silver Age Supergirl! Another bonus.

And then to see that George Perez is on art! Unreal. This is a must-get.

Others look interesting and so I might get them if the buzz makes them sound good. Jeff Lemire on Frankenstein (loved the Morrison/Mahnke Seven Soldiers mini), DnA on the Wonder Woman mini, and James Robinson doing a one-shot of 'The Outsider', who looks suspiciously like the Alfred Pennyworth villain of the Silver Age with the same name.


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that Supergirl won't be interacting with the Flahpoint series in any meaningful way, I base that on her minimal footprint in the "Blackest Night" series.
I could be wrong though...

John Feer

Anonymous said...

Glad to read that Sterling Gates will at last write a Kid Flash story.


Anonymous said...

It's not related but DC also put up their June solicits and Beaty is off Supergirl, to be replaced with someone named Kelly Sue Deconnick. From what I can gather, it looks like she's mostly written for Marvel and adapted mangas into English before now. That being said, her first issue looks like fun, it's basically Batgirl #14 minus Batgirl and Dracula, with Supergirl working for Lois undercover at a college.

As for Flashpoint... I could be wrong but I don't remember Kara really being involved in any of the Crisis' recently. She showed up in Final Crisis, but I think she was locked on New Krypton during Blackest Night. I don't remember what she was up to during Identity or Infinite Crisis... I assume she was in the background in both, at the least. I don't think Flashpoint would really count anyways, though. Outside the Flash family the cast isn't OUR Superfriends, but an alternate timelines'. Considering Superman's supposed role, I don't know what that means for Kara.

Anj said...

I'm guessing that Supergirl won't be interacting with the Flahpoint series in any meaningful way, I base that on her minimal footprint in the "Blackest Night" series.

I liked her role in Blackest Night:Superman when she faced Black Lantern Zor-El. But, as you note, she was trapped on New Krypton and didn't get to do much.

Of course, in Trinity (which wasn't an event) she played a big role in the absence of Superman.

My guess is she is part of the background.

Anj said...

Glad to read that Sterling Gates will at last write a Kid Flash story.

Same here. I think they announced he would do a Flash family book a while ago but then shelved that.

I would read an ongoing Bart book with Gates at the helm.