Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Adam Hughes Variant Cover For Action Comics #900

Action Comics #899 comes out today which means we are one month away from Superman returning to Action! And DC is doing its part to celebrate the historic Action Comics #900 and the Man of Steel's return. It is going to be an over-sized issues with stories by Paul Cornell, David Goyer, Damon Lindelof, and Richard Donner. And there are going to be variant covers by Alex Ross as well as Adam Hughes.

The Hughes cover was just unveiled over on the DC Source blog here:

What a great cover ... majestic, iconic. And I love how the chain links form the number 900.

The cover is clearly a riff on one of the more iconic Superman covers, Superman #233.

I have said before that the Kryptonite Nevermore' storyline is one of my favorite Superman arcs and Superman #233 is one of my all-time favorite Superman issues. I have been lucky enough to run into Denny O'Neil, Neal Adams, and Murphy Anderson at a variety of conventions to sign my issue.

The Hughes cover seems even more evocative of Action Comics #485, another Neal Adams chain-bursting cover. Action #485 reprinted the opening chapter of 'Kryptonite Nevermore'.

So Adams was doing an homage cover to Adams!

I know I always say I am 'against' variant covers in theory. But I think I'll be at least trying to get this Hughes cover.

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