Thursday, June 12, 2008

Subtle jab at Supergirl in Action #866

Just yesterday I posted about the big plans that Geoff Johns and James Robinson have in store for Supergirl in their Superman titles.

Today I bought Action 866 by Johns and maybe got my first sense of those plans.

The issue is the starting point of the new Brainiac arc and shows him bottling Kandor in an opening flashback.

A big part of the issue serves to introduce the readers to two 'new' members of the Daily Planet. One is old Silver Age foil Steve Lombard. The other is gossip columnist Catherine 'Cat' Grant. 'Cat' is an established character who was in the comic in the early 90's. While an ongoing member of the supporting cast, she did have a major storyline in which her son is killed by the Toyman.

I can remember her character being treated in a sympathetic way back then.

Here in Johns' world she comes back from a stint in Los Angeles as a major vamp.

And look at what she has to say about Kara ...

"Teenage actresses pregnant, drunk, and in all around general dischord are a specialty. I've got quite the column on 'Supergirl' coming up."

So, maybe that is how Johns thinks the world perceives Kara right now ... smack dab in the same group as Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. I have to say, it would be a valid comparison for some of her behavior during the Joe Kelly run. Maybe Johns wants to fix that perception. You may recall that he said that he had big plans for Supergirl.

The issue ends with us seeing Brainiac in his ship surrounded by alien cities in bottles. And the next issue blurb says Supergirl guest stars.
So after an impressive "Legion" storyline, I get an issue which brings back some Silver Age goodies to the 21st century, makes me think Brainiac is going to be a major villain despite doing nothing in the issue but stand in his ship, and promises to include Supergirl.

Looks like I will be adding Action Comics to my pull list.

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Anonymous said...

Thank God for guys like Johns, Waid, Gates... who righted the ship after Loeb and Kelly's almost shipwreck.