Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Hunt for Linda Danvers - week 1

Just this last weekend at Heroes Convention, this exchange happened at the DC Nation panel.

Q: When will we see the Linda Danvers Supergirl again?
Dan Didio: This month.

Since then, the message boards, blogs, and comic websites have all been asking the same question. Where will we see the Linda Danvers Supergirl? I even laid down odds where I thought she would end up.

If you take Didio literally, that 'this month' means *this* month (that is June), then she appeared somewhere in this week's comics. Of course, he may have not been so literal and may have meant 'within the month'.
Anyways, I thought for sure that if it was this week that it would be in Final Crisis 2.

Although I pored over the issue, I didn't see Linda anywhere. This issue has already been dissected on numerous sites. Suffice it to say this was a better issue than number 1, moving the plot forward enough for the reader to get a glimpse of what lies ahead, but hazy enough to make me clamor for more. Turpin as Darkseid? Sumo-San as Orion? Barry Allen's return? A god-killing time travelling bullet? Too yummy.

This blog being this blog, two things did stand out.

One is this panel, which shows the doodles of a mystery character who seems to be able to see the different universes and is searching for his 'magic word'. Looking at his notebook, I saw a Dr. Manhatten looking guy as well as an 'Overgirl', a sort of evil Supergirl. Intriguing.

Here is a close-up (I love my high-res scanner).

And then this picture from the next issue box. (Have I mentioned I loooove my high-res scanner?)

Man, JG Jones is a great artist. I once had an opportunity to get a commission from him, but his list filled 2 minutes before I got to him. Is next issue the brawl between Kara and Mary Marvel?

So moving on in my search for Linda, my eye caught this cover, done by Ryan Sook.

As 'Reign in Hell' is one of the places I thought Linda might end up, I figured I would pick this up. The issue is a reprint of 3 Superman issues showcasing the Satanus/Blaze relationship. Supergirl (here Matrix, pre-merge with Linda) has little to do here. So, alas, no Linda here.

What this issue did do is prove to me what I felt would be true. Ryan Sook draws a great Supergirl.

He also draws a great Zatanna. This was a great mini-series.

The last issue, and no where on my list of where Linda might show up, was Superman 677.

This was James Robinson's first issue and is a decent opening chapter. We get a scene with Hal Jordan and Krypto which reinforces Supes' optimism. We get an introduction to Metropolis' science police. We meet the villain Atlas.

We also sort of meet the leader of the science police, a woman in shadows. Could this be Linda?

Well, if Didio was being literal, it just might be. And why else keep this woman in shadows? Who else could she be? And Linda's father was a policeman in the PAD series. Maybe she is following in dad's footsteps.

Whether or not I like this being Linda (if it even is) remains to be seen.

Guess we still don't know where Linda Danvers Supergirl is. But keep your eyes peeled!


Superguitargrl said...

I definetly want Linda to return! I can't wait! What comic book issues are these?

Anj said...

Thanks for the post.

I loved the Linda Danvers character and can't wait for her return.

The issues reviewed here are

1) Final Crisis 2
2) DCU Special: Reign in Hell
3) Superman 677 (this is the one to get)