Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June 16 - Big News Day; Item 3 - September solicits Brave and Bold 17

Also solicited for September is The Brave and the Bold 17.

Written by Marv Wolfman
Art and cover by Phil Winslade

Supergirl and Raven team up to save San Francisco from a new super villain with deep roots in the DC Universe!

I think it is great to have another issue showcasing Kara to the DCU. I enjoyed the way she was handled by Mark Waid in earlier issues of this Brave and Bold run.

It should be cool to see how Marv Wolfman handles her, especially in an issue with a Wolfman creation, Raven.

But is that the crazy Zor-El on the cover!!!


The crazy/evil Zor-EL??


I cannot express how much I loathed the 'Mad Zor-El, kill Kal-El, crystal hell' storyline which was in the title until the Puckett issues. What an absolute worthless plot.

Allow me to briefly summarize the insanity. Zor-El thinks ghosts from the phantom zone are possessing Kryptonians and that his 'sun crystal' science is the only thing that can save those people and Krypton. He peforms experiments on Kara to infuse her with crystal powers. Zor-El learns that Krypton will explode and Jor-El plans to rocket baby Kal to Earth. Zor-El knows the ghosts will follow Kal and so to save Earth he plans to rocket Kara there as well with the plan to kill baby Kal and stop the spectral invasion.

Let's revisit some of the more cringe-worthy moments closely...

Here he is stating his plan to have Kara kill Kal-El (issue 5) ...

And then having his 16 year old daughter parade around him naked (also issue 5) ...

And discussing her classmates before he has her mow them down with a crystal flechette gun Colombine-style (issue 10) ...

And persuading her to kill her 'possessed' mother (issue 16) ...

But wait ... didn't Kelley Puckett ret-con that guy out of history? Remember when Supergirl saw images of her loving father just 6 issues ago!!!

And didn't Will Pfeifer corroborate that just this month?

Yeesh ... I thought that awful part of this version of Kara was behind her. That the current team was trying to rehabilitate her into a more heroic figure.

Hopefully this is just some mind game from Phobia or some other villain. Because if he comes back, I think I'll vomit.

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Anonymous said...

I try very hard to wrap my mind around the fact that Wolfman wrote a worse and more unlikeable Supergirl than Joe Kelly.

I have to assume "Convergence: Adventures of Superman" was a fluke, because otherwise... What is his trouble with the character, anyway?