Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sterling Gates to be new Supergirl writer?

My thanks to 'bizarro98' for posting this news in the DC Comics message boards.

Seems like news that Mr. Gates was going to write Supergirl was leaked on the internet and then subsequently removed.

A little sleuthing on my part shows the following:

1) A quick search for 'sterling gates supergirl' comes up with this match. Sorry for the crap-tastic quality of the jpeg.

2) When that link is fired, you get sent to Geoff Johns blog site with no accompanying news.

I don't know much of Gates' work. Looks like he has done some recent work with Johns on the Sinestro Corps:Superman Prime book, the Sinestro Corps Secret Files book, and the recent Alpha Lantern issues of Green Lantern Corps.

I'll re-read the Prime book and try to grab the Corps issues to get a sense of his style. It does bode well that Johns trusted him to work on key GL issues.
Now we just need to wait for this to become official and hear who the new artist will be.


Heath Edwards said...

ooo, sterling gates... not someone i'd've thought of, as he's such a recent comer, but it does make a bit of sense...
in previous interviews (probably cbr or newsarama), when his first green lantern stories came out, he was made quite a fuss over, as he popped out of seemingly nowhere...
he's been attached to geoff johns, and this is why it makes sense he may do supergirl. much like johns himself had more well-known, accomplished writers working with him on jsa and flash, this could be sterling gates way of getting in. johns could be his mentor...
i don't remember too much about his writing, though, but if its true, i'm sure he'll be in good hands, with johns and robinson...

Anj said...

Thanks for the posts and continued support of the blog.

In what I have read on-line, he does have a 'Geoff Johns protege' feel about him, which is fine with me. I like Johns' work most of the time.

I just get the sense we are going to get a better overall title now. It seems like the powers-that-be are more invested in Kara. And that making her part of the Superman family is a step in actualizing her potential.

The fact she will play a part in Final Crisis, getting a solo cover no less, adds to that feeling.

Anonymous said...

I heard that the new artist is Jamal Igle and that it will be announced at the DC Nation panel today.

Anj said...

Thanks for the post.

There was a thought about this on the DC Boards based on Jamal Igle's comments on the John's message board. (Igle is a moderator there.)

I think his art would be great for the title and should bring some 'buzz'.