Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June 16 - Big News Day; Item 2 - September solicit Supergirl 33

The DC September solicitations were released yesterday as well including this description about Supergirl 33.

Written by James Peaty
Art by Ron Randall
Cover by Stephane Roux

Coming off the most devastating decision of her young career, Supergirl finds herself at a crossroads. Is she worthy of the "S" she wears? Can she involve herself in the affairs of humans again after misusing her powers so badly? Enter the Empress (of YOUNG JUSTICE fame), who has a whole different perspective on the matter!

Hmmm ....

So just when I think this title is picking up steam, it looks like the engine is about to seize up.

First, we have the issue 30 switcheroo where the Will Pfeifer fill-in issue is sandwiched into an ongoing storyline and right after a cliff-hanger ending. It could have been worse, because at least this was a decent issue.

Then we have DC website, which shows this as the upcoming Supergirl issues (as of 6/17/08; 830a).

Anyone see the problem here?

Yep, same cover for issue #31 and issue #33. And even the issue description is basically the same. If you were interested in maybe picking up this title and you were looking ahead at future issues, would this make you more or less intrigued?

And weren't we supposed to see an issue with this as a cover?

At first I thought this was just a reflection of DC's mediocre web site. That the above cover will be the actual cover for issue 31 and that we will see the issue initially slated for 30 before the Pfeifer issue was plugged in.

But then looking at the credits for the Supergirl 33 , it looks like another fill-in writer has stepped in to pen the issue.

Who is James Peaty?

Looks like he has a limited resume including DC mini-comics put in cereal boxes and some Johnny DC titles. Hey, for all I know he is the next Alan Moore. But it seems weird that someone else would finish the 'Saving Thomas' arc that Puckett has crafted.

And yet another guest star ...Empress from Young Justice ... I am sure that will bring in loads of people. Meanwhile, we still have no supporting cast.

It just seems that this title isn't getting any editorial respect, so why should fans be interested?

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Anonymous said...

Remembering how awfully the Maid of Might was mishandled and how little respect she had back then, it's incredible to think Supergirl Volume 5 became her second longest volume so far.