Saturday, June 28, 2008

Jamal Igle and Supergirl

I am really excited to see Jamal Igle's art on this title as of issue 34. (Cover here by Josh Middleton.)

So I figured I would try to whet our appetites by showing some of Jamal's prior takes on Supergirl.

First, these panels from the Peter David Supergirl, issue 71.

This issue took place in the 'Search for Supergirl' storyline, with a somewhat depowered Linda following a chaos trail in hopes of reuniting with the angelic aspect of Supergirl. Along for the ride is Mary Marvel. Here they are fighting an evil spider dream goddess at an ancient Mexican temple. The inks are by Jose Marzan Jr and somewhat rougher than I am used to seeing with Igle's work.

Here is the trapped angelic aspect:

Here fighting the goddess:

And here, some fan service with Mary Marvel.

It's funny in this arc, Marvel was the 'good girl' acting as a contrast to the more jaded Linda. In Final Crisis, it sounds like the roles will be reversed. Kara is the hero, Marvel now an outright villain.

For a more recent view, here is Igle inked by Jimmy Palmiotti in Teen Titans 55. Kara has just been kicked off the team.

And now this piece from Jamal Igle's blog ( ). Simply fantastic!

Igle's work seems dynamic with smooth lines and good panel layouts. His Supergirl is beautiful but not over the top.

I think this new team as going to be as smooth as buttermilk.


Anonymous said...

You have a great blog about Supergirl, nice to see those images from PAD's run.

I also like Supergirl a lot and I draw her frequently, although these past weeks I have receive mostly commissions request of her in several types of 'peril' but if you're curios, visit here:

Anj said...

Thanks so much for commenting. I am glad you like the blog.

I took a look at your art. Very nice. Keep up the good work. I don't know if I would ever want a Supergirl mesmerized commission, but you did a great job.