Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Leviathan Back Up Theory Revisited: New 52 Superman

I have had a Leviathan Theory which seems to be completely wrong. I thought that Leviathan was Ted Kord. I thought that the Enforcer was Captain Atom. I thought that the woman who confronted Director Bones early on was Nightshade.

That seems to be wrong. More and more things seem to be pointing to a Manhunter.

But I have also had back-up theories. One early guess was that Leviathan is the New 52 Superman, At the time, I thought this was unlikely. In fact, in my own personal odds table, I listed the New 52 Superman as being a 100:1 bet.

So why I am I revisiting? Well, let's revisit two important early clues.

Let's start out with one of the first clues.

Superman finds a note that says that he and Leviathan want the same thing.

So this is someone who thinks like Superman.

And then this comment from the Question.

Wouldn't it be a twist if Leviathan turned out to be Superman?

And wouldn't it be a classic mystery writer trick to tell us the answer before the mystery even really unfolds?

And let's not forget the doubling down of the trick. In Event Leviathan #3 Plastic Man wonders if Superman is Leviathan as well. Two bites at the apple ... how very tricky Mr. Bendis!

Now let's dive into new clues, specifically from Event Leviathan #5 and Supergirl #35.

When Superman comes face to face with Leviathan, the villain says they aren't going after the same thing in a 'we're a lot alike' sort of way. Maybe he is saying that because they are exactly alike.

Moreover, the inclusion of Krypton in his discussion of Superman's stubbornness does make it sound like Leviathan understands the ways of both Earth and Kal's homeworld.

Like the New 52 Superman.

As the conversation unfolds, notice how Leviathan stresses the MY when discussing Spyral's trap for Jon. Spyral made a bear trap for MY kid. Maybe because the new 52 Superman wonders what it would be like to live this life. Or, as a Superman he considers Jon his son.

And again, the comparisons of 'people like us'. "You and I" .... you and I are what? The same?

Later, Leviathan seems to have a deep understanding of what drives Superman, that struggle of dealing with expectations. How an upbringing by parents that told to you to help everyone could bring undue pressure.

It could be that he had the same upbringing.

And then the idea that all of this is about truth.


You know, like 'Truth, Justice, and the American Way'?

Superman even recognizes whoever is beneath the mask.

Hmmm ...

Let's take another look at Supergirl #35.

In that issue, Leviathan continues to show he has knowledge of Krypton. He knows Jor-El. He knows Zor-El. He knows about Krypton exploding.

He knows everything.

Maybe because he *is* Superman.

Okay, so let's put it all together.

We think the New 52 Superman merged with the Convergence Superman and their timelines merged. But the New 52 Superman died because he was becoming energy.

So what if he actually became energy? What if the Leviathan suit is some containment suit like Wildfire or Strange Visitor. It isn't a mask. It is actually holding him together.

And maybe the New 52 Superman is pretty ticked off with everything he sees. He tried to be the best hero he was, he tried to protect the world, and look at what it got him ... death.

Moreover, he sees someone else step into his life and lead a better one.

And he knows that bad stuff can happen to people. He himself died. So maybe he should try to protect the world so no one suffers like he did. He wants the same thing as Superman.

Moreover, he does know everything and everyone. He fits the bill of someone who is a former hero, a Justice League member.

So maybe he is a better candidate than I thought.

Hmmm ...


Martin Gray said...

Now Anj, you know I loves ya... but this seems to be the old anchoring bias at its most anchory. Most of the things Leviathan says could be said by any old adversary trying to get the hero on board. That '...if it were me' line, for one, isn't something a version of Superman would say to Superman.

You don't need no steenking back-up theory - even if it's not Ted and co, be proud of the work you've done these past months.

Professor Feetlebaum said...

Anything is possible (and what you're doing here is clever), but the New 52 Superman just seems too far out. In order to be a fair and solvable mystery, Leviathan HAS to be someone that we know is currently alive and active.