Friday, October 4, 2019

Review: Legion of Super-Heroes Millennium #2

Legion of Super-Heroes Millennium #2 came out this week and was another walk down the new DC timeline, establishing a new order of events which culminates with a new age of heroes, the gleaming 'world' of the Legion.

The Legion being prominent in the title and the cover is a bit of a lure as the team is barely seen in the book. But this is definitely their introduction into the DCU proper. And, since they are the future of the DCU, we need to get there. And now we know that Kamandi predates OMAC who predates the Legion. For a DC continuity nut, I actually like having a little order among the chaos.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis tells the story through the eyes of the newly immortal Rose and Thorn. But one thing that is clear is that Bendis has done his homework. The different future times are all ripped from the DCU but sound and look right. And, much like last issue when he honored Supergirl by making her president, he gives Kara a nice moment here as well, albeit in memory.

And the art work on the book is stunning. It is a true murderers' row: Nicola Scott, Jim Cheung, Jeff Dekal, and Ryan Sook. Each 'chapter' is brilliant. And each has an art style which perfectly fits the tone of that period.

I have to say this was built for a long time DC reader, filled with memories and nostalgia. Toss in the introduction of the Legion and I was grinning.

On to the book!

 We start out in the Space Museum where Rose is taking in the sights.

Who should she run into but a 20th century obsessed security guard who thinks stealing stuff, heading back to the exciting 20th century world, and becoming a super-hero sounds like the best thing ever.

And this guy, clearly Booster Gold, is on point talking about how there were so many Crises in that time that it must have been the most exciting time, better than the sterile world he is living in.

What is interesting is that the Museum seems to know all the continuities as one of the pieces is a Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 display.

No denying that!

But we also see Flashpoint and other timelines too. Interesting!

 As if a Crisis #7 nod wasn't enough of a 'Supergirl is important to DC history' moment, we see two more.

One is a very large hologram of Kara, one which is clearly ripped off the Action Comics #252 cover.

But then another, with a red skirt, looking down like a caring goddess. And how fascinating that Rose seems to pray to, or say a prayer for, Supergirl. Remember, last issue it was Supergirl who promised to help Rose.

Great page. And Nicola Scott's clean lines and fine detail is perfect for this apparently idyllic time.

 But then we move forward to OMAC.

OMAC bashes his way through the bad guys until he comes across Thorn who is inside already doing the same.

I love Thorn's disgust of this time period, one she says no one asked for or wanted. Interesting. OMAC has never really caught on. I love how when she says that we have that creepy disjointed female doll in the panel. That is so jarring; it always gives me the heebie jeebies.

With no hero in sight to help reset things, Thorn tells OMAC to do the right thing and start to help. Another interesting chapter.

Jim Cheung's cross hatched style is perfect for this grimier, war torn world.

 We then blip forward.

Now Thorn realizes that perhaps the meaning of her life isn't on Earth but instead off-planet.

But she awakens as Thorn again, this time having killed or battered some guy in a bar. I don't know if I can actually pinpoint a time here? Twilight?

 The art by cover artist Jeff Dekal is gorgeous, especially the up close faces of the space-suited Rose.

 And then, a page of dialogue where somewhere Rose realizes what her purpose is in the universe.

By not having art it really makes this revelation stand out.

All we have are her words telling us that things locked in.

Now maybe we will know more if they ever show us what she was experiencing when she realized this purpose. But for now, it's a mystery.

And just like that she is heading back to Earth ... well .... a new Earth.

Cities in domes interconnected to each other around a rim of planet!

That means somewhere in the past some cataclysm happened.

 It also felt like a nod to the 5 Years Later Legion run, perhaps my favorite run of the team.

I would love to know if that is what Bendis is riffing.

But even in this web of cities, the Legion is there as a glimmering beacon of hope. And this silly 'class photo' moment shows just how bright and optimistic this team should be.


We have a Legion again!


But Thorn is there as well.

And she walks up to the Legion saying that she has something important to share.

Is is a problem in the past? A threat she became aware of out in space? Will she become a Legionnaire? Or a recurring character in the book?

This is a good hook. And Ryan Sook's wonderful art was just the icing on the cake.

So Supergirl being remembered in the future? A 5YL reference? A good cliffhanger? Tremendous art??

How could I not love this issue!

Overall grade: A


Martin Gray said...

I loved it as much as you, I think, especially Supergirl having her own wing of the Space Museum. And how cool that Rose looked to be wearing an outfit made of two massive leaves.

I was wondering if the space sequence referenced Twilight too; I really want to know who customised Rose’s spacesuit... did Gambi’s survive this long?

Gear said...

This was a great read. I’m not sure I’m able to wrap my head around the order of events as they’ve been shown, or how future history remembers things like CoIE Supergirl given what we’ve been told in the past about how the various Crises relate to each other, but the story is told so well and the art (particularly Nicola Scott’s work) is so good I’m willing to just put all that on the shelf and enjoy.

Willing Suspension of Disbelief engaged!

William Ashley Vaughan said...

The artwork is simply breathtaking. I wasn't the five years later fan that you are, Anj, but Giffen's New Earth concept was one of the things I did love about it. I always thought it was never used to its fullest potential. It's obvious that Ryan Sook is trying to knock everyone's socks off visually the way Dave Cockrum and and Giffen during his first run did.

For a amazing Legion oriented twist, I recommend Green Lantern #12. I haven't been this stunned by a reveal since the issue of Johns' run when we found out that Johnny Thunder was hiding a horrifying secret.

William Ashley Vaughan said...

Note: I mean Green Lantern #12 of the current Grant Morrison run.