Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Leviathan Theory: Action Comics #1015 Clues

We are one week away from Event Leviathan #5 and (I assume) the big reveal of who Leviathan is.

As a result, this may be my final Leviathan Theory clue review.

I have to say, this deep dive into the Event Leviathan mystery has been a ton of fun for me. I love a good comic mystery. 'Who is Sensor Girl?' back in the 80s Legion of Super-Heroes was wild. 'Who is Superwoman?' in the Gates/Igle Supergirl was another great puzzle to solve.

And now 'Who is Leviathan?'

Back in May, I posed my theory that Leviathan was the Charlton Heroes. I came to that conclusion through a mix of Watchmen vibes, power sets, and dialogue clues. It has always been my theory and I have stuck to it, even if I have sized up other suspects.

And I have waxed and waned a bit in my confidence around my pick. But when you anchor on a decision, you start to see everything as a confirmation of your thoughts.

So what did I see in Action Comics #1015 that flooded me with a newfound certainty that this time I am right.

During the discussion of Naomi's origin, the multiverse map was brought up for all to see.

While the idea of a multiverse, including a dark multiverse existing under the multiverse, has been readily accepted in the DCU recently, I can't remember when I last saw the Multiversity map of the universe brought up like this.

Remember, this was Grant Morrison designing and defining most of the 52 Earths.

And then in the Daily Planet Chirp page, we again see the Multiversity map, this time more clearly.

Now this is a very specific image of a very specific concept of the multiverse. It isn't absolutely necessary for the story. Ray Palmer and Superman could have just spoken about the existence of the multiverse without bringing up the map.

And seeing the image of it here, almost doubling down on the concept, made me wonder why Brian Michael Bendis included it so prominently and twice.

Then I remembered this moment in Event Leviathan #2 where Leviathan rattles off all the groups Plastic Man has been a part of.

Or maybe that is Plastic Men? Because no way this Eel could be part of all of them. But in a Multiverse? A place with Earth 10 (X) etc? Yeah, a Plastic Man could have been part of all those groups.

So maybe Leviathan is someone who has peeked into all the other Earths of the Multiversity map. Maybe Leviathan is from one of those Earths.

I mean why show me the map if I wasn't supposed to follow it to treasure.

And then I thought of the actual current Earth 4, at least in the Multiversity sense.

These are the Charlton Heroes as seen in the extremely Watchmen-like issue Pax Americana. It includes all the folks I have thought about in my Leviathan Theory. It even could explain how the Vic Sage Question could be back alive. Maybe The Question in our group of detectives is actually the Earth 4 Question, undercover.

Remember, the Watchmen overtones of the Leviathan story is what led to the theory. And the Pax Americana book is just dripping with Watchmen overtones.

Suddenly I am a believer again.

This time I'm right!

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SimB said...

I'm still supporting you on this on Dr Anj!
Hard to believe the reveal is so soon after following your(soon to be proven) theory for so long.
Whatever the outcome to this case, thank you so much for entertaining and sharing your gumshoe gathering of clues over weeks!

Good luck for issue 5 and just for the hell of it, Long live the Legion!