Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Levithan Theory: Event Leviathan #5 Clue Review And Back-Up Theory Laurel Kent

We are one month away from the big reveal. Who is Leviathan?

But in Event Leviathan #5, it was heavily implied that Leviathan is a Manhunter. This pretty much eliminates my Leviathan Theory that Leviathan is a cabal of Charlton heroes.

And it is pretty late to be bringing up new back-up theories. But I have to give blog friend Greg Araujo (@garaujo1 on Twitter) complete respect for coming up with a peach of a theory this late in the game.

You see everyone jumped on the Manhunter bandwagon recently and it seemed a small jump to get to Mark Shaw, the last Manhunter. He has had ties to the Justice League. He was a hero at one point. He is a Manhunter. He fits the bill.

But the most obvious answer isn't always the right one.

So let's do a deep dive into the clues we saw in Event Leviathan #5 which will lead to the back up theory listed in the title.

We'll start out by reviewing the names eliminated by Lois' second group.

Steve Trevor, Director Bones, Amanda Waller, Talia Al Ghul, Ra's Al Ghul, Max Lord, Batgirl, Jimmy Olsen, Ra's Al Ghul, Red Hood, and Kate Spencer - none are Leviathan.

Now one thing that has stuck out to me is the language that Leviathan has used during this crossover. We have seen them audibly throw a 'HA' into a comeback. He has called people 'Bluffing Bluffers'.

Here, he says 'ugh' when talking about Superman's compulsion to help.

All of this language sounds almost adolescent, doesn't it? Like this is someone young playing at an older person's game?

So let's say that's true ... Leviathan is someone young.

And then Leviathan starts on the 'we want the same thing' discussion. The goals of Superman and Leviathan are the same.

But then Leviathan adds the 'on Earth or Krypton' phrase which sticks out as a little strange to me. Why add Krypton into the mix ... unless Leviathan has a link to Krypton as well.

Meanwhile, using magic, Zatanna has concluded that General Lane is Leviathan because he was present at certain attack sites.

But what if it isn't General Lane ... what if it is 'a' Lane? Someone who is related to the Lane family?

Next, there is the righteous indignation that Spyral would create the temporal teleporting technology to trap a descendant of Superman, Jon.

This particularly galls Leviathan. Despite everything they have done, Superman still isn't trusted. Again, Leviathan talks of how similar they are.

Early on there was this notion that Leviathan is also someone who has 'Daddy issues' and this discussion seems to cement that.

Leviathan talks of how Superman has all this pressure thrust on him to do what's right and to solve everyone's problem. This is something he learned from his father.

But what if the pressure isn't specifically from a father but instead just family pressure. Perhaps Leviathan is feeling pressure to live up to some expectation that their family name has put on them. Maybe Leviathan is sick of trying to be perfect and help everyone.

Now let's give a little bonus peek at other clues.

In Supergirl #35, Leviathan very casually drops Jor-El's name as well as knowing something of Supergirl's father. He knows Jor and Zor tried to save Krypton.

I don't think this is common knowledge to the everyone on Earth. It seems, as above, to imply that Leviathan has a tie to Superman and Krypton.

And then the odd 'I know everything' statement that Leviathan says both here and in Event Leviathan.

While he knows a lot simply from the espionage intel he has accrued, this also could mean something more. With all the timey-wimeyness of this, could Leviathan know everything because they are from the future?

So let's put this all together.
Leviathan is a Manhunter.
Leviathan talks like an adolescent.
Leviathan has a link to Krypton.
Leviathan seems to be a Lane.
Leviathan seems angry Spyral would plan to capture a descendant of Superman.
Leviathan knows everything that will occur.


Leviathan is Laurel Kent, the descendant of Clark and Lois in the Bronze Age Legion. (She calls herself Elna initially, an anagram of Lane because back then we didn't know Lois and Clark would get together. She just supposedly looks like who Superboy will eventually marry.)

She's young. She has ties to the Lanes. She knows Kryptonian history. She would know about her ancestors. She has knowledge from the future.

And oh by the way, she turned out to be a Manhunter!

Given Bendis' deep dive into Legion lore and his writing the new book, this just might work.

This time, maybe Greg is right!

I would have never connected these dots!

But wait, I have one more back up theory to revisit before this is all over.


Martin Gray said...

Love you and Greg, but I say thee Nay! There's just no reason for a future person to care about the state of the world a thousand years back when they come from a virtual Paradise. Plus, I can't see Bendis taking a deep dive into old Legion history when he's establishing something new.

I think much of the thinking here could apply to your earlier-mentioned Superwoman idea. Then again, if we're going for a Legion-connection, that 'I'm not wearing a mask' (paraphrasing) bit implies Jeckie.

I am indeed now holding out for Anarky!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why, because it's probably obvious, but I was struck by something Leviathan says to Superman in Event Leviathan #5 - "We'll all be coexisting together one way or another...."

"Coexisting" made me think of alternate earths. You get the feeling, mostly from Young Justice, that Bendis loves playing in the Multiverse.

But also, weird things are going on over in Justice League, where the Justice Society that no one remembers seems to exist, but only in the past, in the main DC universe.

And meanwhile in the future, Brainiac is bottling up alternate and future timelines. While several alternate and future Justice Leagues have shown up to battle him.

Things are afoot.

Anyway, Leviathan's assertion of "coexisting" suggests he/she is here to stay, rather than something that is going to be dispensed with in the conclusion. At least, he/she assumes as much.

That would be odd. I think we've all been assuming this character would kind of disappear. I've given no thought to what things would be like should Leviathan become an ongoing character or organization in the DC Universe. The mystery is not just who it is - it's also what comes next after the unmasking. Where does Leviathan "go"?

Seems like a lot to resolve in a single final issue.

Maybe Leviathan just disappears back to where they came from, and everyone just scratches their heads.


Nutation said...

It's a clever theory, but to be fair to the reader, Leviathan should be someone who has been onstage at least briefly. Ideally, only briefly.

Are we absolutely sure we can rule out Jimmy Olsen? He could have contracted a megalomania virus or acquired super-omniscience recently and not be aware of it.

Anj said...

If it’s Superboy Prime, I may cry.

William Ashley Vaughan said...

I'd join you. However, I don't think Superboy Prime has the brains, the stability, or the credibility to do what Leviathan has done.

DanielT said...

I think the cover of Action 1010 revealed today is a pretty big tell.