Monday, October 14, 2019

Review: Supergirl #35

Supergirl #35 came out last week and was another issue putting Supergirl in the middle of the Event Leviathan and Year of the Villain storylines. It is wonderful to see Supergirl enmeshed in the major crossovers of the DCU. In fact, Supergirl gets to face off against Leviathan himself. And during that encounter, a possible clue is revealed.

Now that the Rogol Zaar/Mistress of the Ax story is over and Kara is back on Earth, writer Marc Andreyko gives us a Supergirl who is more classic in tone. This is a Supergirl who seems ready to fight injustice but also has a strong sense of compassion. It is a bit interesting to see her simply shed all the anger and angst we saw for a year ... but frankly I am glad it is gone. And it is nice to see elements of what came before, specifically her relationship with the Danvers, brought back to the book.

Artist Eduardo Pansica continues to shine as the book's artist. There always seems to be one impressive splash of Supergirl flying in each issue. This issue includes a brawl with Leviathan and Pansica is able to bring some fire to the proceedings with page layout and rapid fire panels.

This was a good issue. On to the particulars!

Within the Fortress of Solitude, the Brainiac drone given some information from Apex Lex is trying to clone some perfect form for himself. Unfortunately, what comes out of the birthing chamber looks like something from John Carpenter's The Thing.

Apparently, he needs Kryptonian DNA to complete this. And he lands on Supergirl.

I don't think we knew this was Lex's information. So I felt like we were dropped in a little fast. I had no idea what he was trying to do at first. Second, odd that he immediately lands on Supergirl as the Kryptonian to get a sample from. (I know, it's her magazine.)

But what really irks me is the security of the Fortress. Here is Kelex, looking at this on the screen, and he doesn't really do anything. He goes to put out the fire not even acknowledging Brainiac. It seems to lax.
Back in the morgue, Supergirl is reunited with her stepdad Jeremiah.

I love the unbridled happiness she shows him when she sees he's alive. We got to see in the Steve Orlando that she had a nice relationship with the Danvers. So I am glad she's thrilled. And Pansica sells it well. I love that Krypto is as happy!

Turns out Jeremiah is there to give his respects to Eliza and to retrieve her hand so that tech doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

As they prepare to leave the place, Kara sees the mortician unconscious on the ground and thinks they should make him more comfortable.

Jeremiah comments on Kara's compassion. I suppose that fits the 'help, hope, and compassion for all' mantra.

But I found this a little bit amusing in the context of the prior arc where Kara is wielding a gun and shooting people in space, is deemed the Mistress of the Ax, and is whisker close to beheading at least 2 people. I guess I am supposed to just forget about all that.

All right, I'll put it behind me.

Outside, Leviathan and an unnamed woman soldier are viewing Jeremiah and Supergirl.

The woman sizes up the two but wonders why she was brought along. Leviathan says it is to test her belief.

Almost immediately I wondered if this was Eliza.

I also wondered why Leviathan would be this interested in Supergirl. Hmmm ...

And sure enough, the woman and Jeremiah square off and seem very easily matched.

In mid-battle, Jeremiah sees a move which reminds him of Eliza. And later on, he blasts part of her facemask off showing it is in fact Eliza.

Even last issue when we saw the charred corpse supposed to be Eliza, I wondered if it was her.

Pansica does great here with these rapid fire, hand to hand combat panels.

Meanwhile, Leviathan gives Supergirl the same pitch he gave Superman.

Why should Supergirl be on the roller coaster of putting supervillains in prison only to have them escape. Kara should join Leviathan.

What I find interesting here is how casually Leviathan talks of Jor-El and Krypton. How could Leviathan know all of this? Hmmm ....

Like Superman, Kara rejects the offer.

She activates her stealth suit which we learn also provides some protection from Kryptonite and brings the fight to Leviathan.

But Leviathan won't sully his hands. He grabs Eliza and teleports away.

It is interesting that he says he knows everything. It is a strange statement. How does he know everything? Does Leviathan exist outside the multiverse and able to see everything? Is he from the future? Hmmm ...

But there is no time to rest.

The Fortress alarm goes off. The symbol of the Legion of Doom and Perpetua is seen in the air. And when Supergirl arrives, she sees a Kelex/Brainiac drone ready to fight.

So I'm glad Supergirl is back on Earth. I love seeing the compassionate and loving Supergirl in the early scenes with Jeremiah. I am elated she didn't even consider Leviathan's offer. And I like she was able to square off directly against Leviathan himself.

I also am getting accustomed to Pansica's style as being the look of the book. There is a splash just prior to this of her flying to the Fortress which is fantastic.

And Leviathan knowing everything, even Krypton ... hmmm ....

Overall grade: B


Martin Gray said...

It was a pretty good issue, wasn't it? I'm so looking forward to your next clues post... who could Leviathan be now?

It's Wally from the PAD run! Or maybe not...

William Ashley Vaughan said...

I think Supergirl is a rare example of a comic book actually benefiting from crossovers. When Andreyeko had the comic to himself we got ax-wielding Supergirl. Then, we got crossovers with the Unity Saga and Event Leviathan. This placed Supergirl very tightly in the orbit of Brian Michael Bendis who has always treated her with respect. I suspect that the Bendis influence is why Andreyeko is currently writing a more classic Supergirl.

Professor Feetlebaum said...

Bendis HAS treated Supergirl with respect. Because of that, I've wondered here and there what a Bendis written Supergirl title would be like. I hope he brings her into the Legion eventually.

But although a Bendis written Supergirl comic would be interesting, I feel fine with Jody Houser taking over. Once this "infected" story is done, I'd like to see Kara have some of her own adventures for awhile, unrelated to what's happening in the Superman titles. Of course, the cousins should team up and share an adventure from time to time, as well as make regular cameo appearances in each other's comics.

Anonymous said...

This was an okay read but mostly because it walked away from murderous axe wielding Supergirl in spaaaace....not because of anything it did of itself other than allow a heroine to be a heroine...
However I am sick and tired of literally ALL Supergirl's Parents/Foster Parents/Mentors all taking extended deviant and or "heel turns"...Zor El, Allura Eliza etc all seem to have gone the villain route either on TV or the comics, its becoming an official "Supergirl Cliche".
The one time it worked is because Sterling Gates infused the Kara-Allure Drama with a full three dimensions, and brought it to a decisive and heartbreaking close...everyone else seems to be mining it for sensationalism and none too well written sensationalism at that.
I'd be happier about this issue if I didn't know she was about to take a needless humiliating zombie turn next I've said before I LOVE DC Characters, but I HATE DC Comics the corporate entity...


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