Saturday, July 22, 2017

Statues, Statues, Statues

In their continued effort to make me poor, DC and other companies continue to put out Supergirl merchandise. And in an odd cosmic convergence, a bunch of new statues have all been solicited or revealed within the last few days, many at San Diego Comic Con (and thanks to blog friend Firebird for passing on the photos). I probably won't get all of these. My poor wallet!

The one I would love to get is this Tweeterhead exclusive statue of Supergirl in her Bronze Age costume flying in the clouds with Streaky. Here is the link: 

Seriously, this is one beautiful statue. And that should come as no surprise when you learn that the design is from Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez.

This is a bright, happy, smiling Supergirl soaring in the clouds. I love this costume. I love this design. I love everything about it.

Well ... almost everything ...

It is $250. And it seems to be only available exclusively from the Tweeterhead website.

I wish it was available through my local comic book store. First off, I like to support the store. Next, I can put down a down payment and slowly pay it off on layaway, a more palatable way of paying for things than putting down the whole payment at once.

But it has Streaky!

I don't know if I am going to be able to swing this. As much as I want to!

Then at the San Diego Comic Con, the Joelle Jones DC Cover Girls Statue of Supergirl was revealed.

I talked about that statue when it was first announced here:

The Batgirl and Harley ones were also shown at SDCC and look great. This is a statue I think that I will get.

This one is from a company called Icon Heroes. We don't know how much it will be. I don't even know how big it will be. But this one is crackling. I love it. I am amazed how much love the show version gets in merchandise!

I really want this one. Price will be the determinant.

Here is another Supergirl show statue, this one (I think) from Kotobukiya. This one also has no price assigned although the Reverse Flash one in the same case was going for $69.99.

This one is very similar to the other recent show statue, so I don't know if I'll get this one. Price will determine.

Here is another Kotobukiya that I definitely will be skipping. This one is a little too manga and a little too sexualized. Not for me.

And then finally we got to see the Gotham Garage Supergirl statue over on the Nerdist here:

I'll talk more about Gotham Garage when I discuss upcoming solicits. I don't think I am going to get this statue. I absolutely love the design ... except for the waist tattoos. Call me old fashioned, but I just can't move beyond them. And I also think they add a weird, more prurient feel to the statue. This is something Howard on the Big Bang Theory might have in his collection.  It's a shame because the rest of it is a nice variant on her costume.

Lots of stuff! Start saving your pennies!


Anonymous said...

Yer gonna need another shelf man...:)

The bronze age statue is very tempting, its what I call "The Superman Family Variant" she'd seemingly switched out her demure red ballet flats for her more dynamic original boots. Putting Streaky in the mix is pure hilarity since the poor kitty was largely overlooked by the mid-1970s....
Overall nice stuff glad to see Cousin Kara coming in for a chunk of the merchandising swag.

KET said...

The Bronze Age SG statue looks like it was based off of Win Mortimer's art from The Superman Family comics run. Including Streaky immediately brought to mind "The Supergirl From Planet Earth" (SM Family #203, Sept./October 1980) which might have been the Super-Cat's only appearance during that run. Very well done.

However, that Icon Heroes TV series statue is simply jaw-dropping in its rendering. Seems like it's the original series promotional image made three dimensional, and facial features really do look accurately like Melissa Benoist in flight.


TransformerMan said...

Love it! Never been tempted to get any statues before, but this one just might be it. $250 though! Yikes.

Professor Feetlebaum said...

If you can live without Streaky, there's a non-exclusive version of the Tweeterhead statue with just Supergirl available through more retailers. Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth have it up on their sites. So does Sideshow Collectibles, with a monthly payment plan. I'm sure your local comic shop would be able to get it. Unfortunately, both the exclusive and regular are the same price.

You might also check out Discount Comic Book Service, located in Indiana. They discount everything. DC Collectibles statues are usually 32% off, but the discounts vary depending on the company. Also, they don't charge your credit card until the item is in stock. What I usually do is "lock in" an item with my credit card and then send a check or money order each month until it's paid for. One thing to remember with Discount Comic Book Service, is that statues are only available for ordering when they're in the current issue of Previews. The statues for sale on their site now, are in the July Previews. When the August Previews comes out, the statues in the July issue will no longer be available from DCBS.

The Icons Heroes Supergirl is $70.00 from DC, but I've seen it at around $65 elsewhere. I think it will be about the size of an action figure.

When the new Bishoujo Supergirl was announced, I was hoping to see something more along the lines of the upcoming Ms. Marvel Bishoujo. At least I thought they might go with the current costume. I do think it's better than the first Bishoujo Supergirl, though.

John (somewhere in England) said...

For British readers, the Tweeterhead statue (without Streaky) is advertised on Forbidden Planet's website for release in January. That said, I prefer the Joelle Jones statue. When I first saw the sketch of this statue I wasn't keen on it - I thought Supergirl's expression was rather haughty. But her expression on the actual statue is much better and the more I look at it, the more I like it. I'm also tempted to buy the Batgirl statue.

I agree that the manga statue is too sexualized. It makes Kara look like a flirty little girl. I also dislike the tattoo on the garage statue - I couldn't help but think this is how Kara might have looked if her parents had been members of the labour guild!

Anj said...

Thanks for all the comments. So many great thoughts.

Trying to figure out which ones I'll be able to finagle getting.

Professor Feetlebaum said...

Considering that he hasn't been in the mainstream comics since 1970, it's funny that Streaky keeps turning up on Supergirl merchandise. How often does Krypto show up with Superman statues or action figures? Maybe cats really do have nine lives.

Anonymous said...

Though I love the 1970's hot pants outfit and Streaky, the $250 price is way too rich for my blood.

I am thinking about the Kotobukiya one, which comes with three sets of arms...

*hands crossed
*fists down at side
*power pose (fists on hips)

With its $69.99 price I think that's more in my wheelhouse.

Icon Heroes is a maybe.

Professor Feetlebaum said...

Regarding the Tweeterhead statue:
"I don't know if I am going to be able to swing this. As much as I want to."
It's a great looking statue, but that price! Good Grief!
Have you considered selling that Kotobukiya vinyl Supergirl statue (the one in the Turner costume), and using the money toward the Tweeterhead figure? I've seen ebay and Amazon sellers asking $200 and up for that statue, and completed ebay sales for $130 to $160. If you could sell that, it might at least finance part of the Tweeterhead statue.