Saturday, July 15, 2017

Brian Ching's Psi Design

Over in Twitter, as I had in my review, I noted that the new Psi costume was reminiscent of the original version. That the expanse of white, sort of a negative space, was evocative of the vast amount of skin that the original Psi showed in the Daring New Adventures of Supergirl.

Brian Ching saw the tweet and then shared his design sketch for the new Psi and thought I should share it here for those who missed it.

You really can see how much of a feel for the original when you put them side by side. Unclear if Ching was trying to ape the Who's Who page, but it works for the comparison.

I've always been a fan of Psi, in all her incarnations, so glad to see her back.

Here is the actual tweet!


Anonymous said...

The new design is nice, but if someone had given it to me and asked me who it was without telling me, I would probably have guessed that it was Dr Light in a new suit.

I really don't get the fear of skin that is prevalent right now. I never thought it was weird with all the skin showing in the 80s on heroes, that was just how some of them looked. Somewhere along the line humanity got obsessed with the idea that skin=sex in comics when in reality most of us roam around in speedos, shorts and bikinis half the summer without lifting an eye about it.

Psi in a full bodysuit is weirder to me than what she had before. It's like if he-man would start wearing an Armani because we ended up in an RL society where every man was expected to dress fashionably.

Anyway, if it helps the comic sales, sure go for it. I will tell myself that this new incarnation is Psi too, and given enough time I will believe in it.

Martin Gray said...

As it's not the same Psi, it's not like a guy suddenly wearing Ralph Lauren. Especially given she's barely been seen since the Eighties. How very nice of Brian Ching to respond. The problem with the original is not that it displays skin but that it's ugly as sin. I prefer the new look, though white and yellow never work well together.

Anonymous said...

yeah the original is a beaten brass monokini designed by Psi's abusive Dad if I recall properly....someone bought her some white spandex for a more angelic appearance as DemiGoddess of the Phantom Zone.


KET said...

I have to concur with those who favor the nhew look for Psi, as I feel that it just looks more 'fashion forward'. While I thought that Psi was an effective adversary for SG back in the 80s, that old look certainly did not age well. Kudos to Brian Ching for sharing his original redesigns for the character.


Anonymous said...

Completely unrelated, but I saw this news today that was really heartwarming. Thought there might be some Supergirl fans here who were interested.

It's about a young girl who has a disease that makes her bones break all the time and has been confined to a wheelchair. She is getting a Fortress of Solitude Supergirl wheelchair for Comic Con. I peeked at the twitter feeds and it looks like her fortress even comes with Kryptonian keys.

They are building a whole Justice League, and of all the JLs Kara has joined through the ages, this might be my favorite.

Anonymous said...

It's a good redesign, honouring the original as being less ridiculously stripperiffic. And one of the creators have acknowledged you! How cool is that?

Anj said...

Thanks for comments!

I tagged Ching in a tweet about the costume so I was thrilled to see him tag me back.

And yes, the first costume wasn't a winner. I like how this one honors it while being new all at the same time.