Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Supergirl Show SDCC Trailer And News

Last weekend was the San Diego Comic Con and most of the Supergirl news revolved around the upcoming third season of the show. Search YouTube or Twitter and you'll get snippets of the many interviews and panels the cast did.

The big release for me was the sizzle trailer for the third season. That is available on YouTube here:

The trailer makes it seem as if the season starts out in a dark place. We hear in a voice over say:

The decision I made, he couldn’t have made that sacrifice. But me, I couldn’t have lived with myself if I hadn’t. I will always make the decision I made. I am not a human. I tried to be but I’m not. Kara Danvers was a mistake.

It is clear that Kara is grieving over losing Mon-El, a decision she made. And her defense is to suppress her emotions, to deny her humanity, and become perhaps a colder, more calculating 'alien'.

And the scenes we see in the preview do a nice job of echoing that.

Perhaps with too many screencaps I break down the trailer.

We start with that 'he couldn't make this decision.' Remember, at the end of last season, Superman told Kara that he didn't think he could send Lois away. We get a very Zack Snyder shot, making sure we know she is talking about Superman when she says 'he'.

And then we see her fingering a series of pictures from a photo booth of her and Mon-El. The sacrifice was her sending him away. But she couldn't make any other decision. She would always make that decision.

Suddenly there is this tone of her being more scientific and cold. She is more Kryptonian.

And then that 'I'm not human' line. I tried to be but I'm not.'

We get several images of a rather stern Supergirl as those words are said.

What about 'hope, help, and compassion'? This is what grief can do to you.

'Kara Danvers was a mistake.'

Again, this is a clear denial of her humanity, of her upbringing. We see Kara storm out of James' CatCo office and Lena's office. Once more, both time, she is looking angry.

My guess is that Kara is going to go through a time where she will simply live as Supergirl, working for the DEO 100% of the time, shunning her friends, and bashing her way through life. And my hope is all her friends will be trying to get her back into a healthier state of mind.

And we see the supporting cast, mostly looking concerned. Winn, J'onn, James, and Alex all are seen with worried expressions.

We also get a nice little moment between Alex and Maggie.

There is more goodness in the trailer.

We see an image of Erica Durance as Alura, wearing a lighter outfit and in that wheat field. Perhaps this is a dream sequence of some type?

I am looking forward to Durance playing Alura. And I hope Alura will be a bigger presence this season.

But I am really pumped for Adrian Pasdar to play Morgan Edge. He seems born to play that roll.

And his line when talking to Lena is fantastic.

"You are going to regret the day you screwed me. Because now you have all of my attention."

Is he vile business man? Intergang leader? Both?

There is a nice chase scene with Alex shooting at a tractor trailer whose door opens to reveal a big old gun.

Earlier in the trailer, we see Supergirl stopping a truck from the front end. I have to assume this is that truck. And, I guess, Supergirl just flies off leading to the concerned look on Alex's face.

I talked about Pasdar and Durance. There were a few more announcements. Check out CBR's coverage here: http://www.cbr.com/supergirl-season-3-sdcc-2017/ 

Yael Groblas will play Psi! Hurray! A live action Psi!!!
Carl Lumbly (who did the voice of J'onn in the Justice League cartoon) will play J'onn's father.

And someone named 'Ruby' joins the cast. Maybe Ruby is James' new love interest?

And this is Reign. Wouldn't it be crazy if she was raised human like Clark. And she is in a human role at the time Supergirl is denying her humanity.

I can't help but be excited.

See you all on 10/9 !!!


Martin Gray said...

Supergirl, entering Series 3 - just wonderful.

I'm so not looking forward to episode after episode of mopiness. She did what she had to do, Mon-El accepted this. Hope is one of Supergirl's bywords, so pushing away every bit of optimism seems just wrong for the character.

And has it been established that TV Krypton was the horrible, emotion-denying place of Byrne's reboot? I'm sure we've seen that despite the hardness of the villains, her birth family gave her love; why would the rest of the Kryptonians be different? I want to believe it's the criminals and the madder end of the military who are all about frigid practicality. Kara is a being of warmth - heck, of fire - deny her emotions and she may as well be the Red Tornado. I don't doubt this will be the general thrust of this emotional arc, but it's oh-so-blooming obvious. Just bring on the adventure, and more surprising slices of soap.

Having never been a fan of J'onn J'onzz being on the show - my usual complaint, if he's there, why is he not always helping Kara with the big threats? - I really don't want to see a third Martian brought in. Occasional M'egan is fine, if we must have J'onn as a regular.

More Lena is great, and Morgan Edge? Yes please.

I think I read that Ruby is a young Supergirl fan, so probably too young for James.

Anonymous said...

Omg, I can't wait to explore the Morgan Edge arc. I wish we had gotten to enjoy more of Maxwell Lord, but this looks to fill that hole for me.

Mopey Kara isn't my favorite Kara at all, but if it turns out she uses the emotions that she carries within to embrace her full Kryptonian strength and give us some of those radiant divine power moments when she fights bad guys (floating, glowing eyes, bass voice you get it) , I will be first to admit I'm going to get covered in goosebumps. :D

There is so much in Season 3 I'm dying to see.

The only part of me dying inside right now is the fear that the cast will carry the sad emotions from the behavior of some fans with them to the set. I wouldn't be able to go on without a crack in my heart after hearing some of the things they have had to hear. I hope they are stronger than me.

Anonymous said...

So Supergirl has PTSD? Seems entirely logical, after all all of Krypton's end with Superman is infant separation trauma, but with Kara its all out PTSD since the event happened in late childhood...so sooner of later she'd have to start exhibiting symptoms, ever since she took to the cape she's been practically begging said issues to come and get her.
I'm looking forward to this season, I can see a lot of good plotlines off of this, she is supergirl she will find her way back....its what she does after all.


Anj said...

Thanks for comments.
Completely agree that Kara feeling despair and then climbing back has very much been part of her past. So why not here?