Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Sales Review: May 2017

The sales numbers for May came out earlier this month and I keep waiting for some sort of slow down of sales attrition for the super-titles and it just isn't happening. I hope DC isn't looking at Rebirth as some sort of failure. I doubt it as the company seems to be doing better overall since this re-imagining. But it is my nature to worry.

Here is a link to the sales reports of May from ICv2:

On to the individual books!

Supergirl #9 was the first part of a Batgirl crossover with the new World's Finest heading into the Phantom Zone. I thought for sure the combination of Babs and the Phantom Zone would maybe shore things up.

I will say that it is so hard to equate sales and orders. Maybe this book flew off the shelves and store owners wished they ordered more. And, of course, digital sales are unknown. We can only go by the numbers.

I thought this was a fun if fast moving issue with a lot of deep cuts. So how did it sell?

Supergirl #9 was the 117th best selling title, selling at 22605.

The book is down 80% in sales since #1. Now I never expected the book to sell 100K. But the more concerning thing is that  the book has dropped about 1000 in sales each month since Supergirl #6. It is a shame because I think that Steve Orlando is really doing a great job on the book, weaving in stuff from Kara's history, the TV show, and even the movie.

I will remind people that K. Perkins and Mike Johnson's end of the New 52 book was solidly selling around 26K.

Superman #22 was part of the Black Dawn story arc bringing together much of the mysteries that has been plaguing Superman and the town of Hamilton since the beginning of the book. This month we also had Superman #23, which had the Manchester Black reveal.

The books sold over 50K with Superman #22 selling 51938.

I keep thinking that the Superman books should be selling north of 60K but we keep seeing this small erosion. Now pre-Rebirth, Superman was selling in the high 30K. So this has to still be considered a success.

Superwoman #10 was the second issue with the new writer K. Perkins.

I think this book suffered from the scattershot first arc by Phil Jimenez.

This issue sold 17068 and frankly I'm very happy. The creative change could have been a jumping off point but instead sales have held a bit steady.

I hope this number is enough for DC to keep the book around.

And lastly, New Super-Man #11was a fun issue teasing the origin of the New Wonder Woman while showing the evil machinations of the anti-I Ching character. This book has been a wonderful title to read. It has entertained every month bringing action, emotional punch, and humor.

This issue only sold 13985. Those are dangerous waters.

I wonder if DC is going to let these books get through the 'Mr. Oz' stuff before making any final decisions. Thankfully, we still haven't seen a 'final issue' tag in the solicits.


Anonymous said...

Those are pretty bad sales. Or course, arguments can be done as to the quality of the books, appeal of the characters... but I think the two main books being bi-monthly and the satellite titles coming out in the same week is hurting the sales of the Superman line.

Sadly, it's obvious these books need good marketing and word of mouth.

Maybe it'll sound as heresy, but I think sales would get better if DC published a single monthly Superman book, Supergirl and maybe some secondary titles.

Anyway, I suspect the Superman books are about to get another shake-up during this year. Maybe after the Mr. Oz reveal or the Doomsday Clock storyline.

Anonymous said...

yeah agreed, DC keeps diffusing the market for Kara and Kal El by publishing multiple titles as if by sheer volume they can convince the aud the supers are some "Wolverine" or The X-Men.There ought to be three titles minus team affiliations of course, Superman, Action Comics & Supergirl.


Anj said...

I don't mind all the super-titles as they each have pretty distinct personalities.

But the idea of putting out all the ancillary titles on one day is nuts.